Hubsan X4 H502S: A Game Changer FPV Drone

From time and again, new drones enter the market with the aim to capture the skies. Then again, not all of them are able to win the hearts of drone enthusiasts. Well, Hubsan H502S excelled in its mission because this advanced version of the unbelievably popular Hubsan H501S took the markets by storm within a couple of months. Here, we are going to take you through a comprehensive Hubsan X4 H502S review and inform you about the features which make it stand out of its competitors. (more…)

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Walkera F210: The Right FPV Racing Drone for Smooth Flights

After the brilliant Walkera 250 runner in 2015 comes the new FPV model from Walkera- the Walkera F210 which is both brilliant and a few notches higher in technology.

With sharp and strong flight capabilities, the Walkera F210 is a pretty serious model for every travel enthusiast who wants an FPV model for recording. With the latest features on board and a strong, sturdy body, this drone makes for an ideal quadcopter that allows Swift flip, aerobatic modes, power control, and a stable flight.

The packaging is quite professional allowing the product to be delivered safely to your doors. All of the wires and tools come along while the main parts are packed with extreme care to safeguard from any damage. (more…)

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XK Detect Review-Reliable and Powerful Drone for Long Aerial Video Shoots

XK Detect X380 FPV is a brilliant drone with a compactly sized drone and a battery life that lasts. With easy to use features, compact designing and a suitable camera extension for adding the gadget the it is a perfect design to shoot aerial videos and take pictures from a height.

XK Detect X380 has ABS frame which allows the drone a sturdy body that is both crash resistant and shock absorbing. The receiver is a powerful one taking inaccurate signals making its performance and functioning better than others. As the ready to fly a quadcopter, it just needs battery charging to set it to operation. Because the drone does not come with an inbuilt camera one needs to attach their own. (more…)

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UDI U818A RC Quadcopter Drone Review

The UDI U818A RC Quadcopter is mainly a camera drone that is perfect for novices and the beginners who are willing to operate on drones at the primary level. The drone comes in good shape where it is completely functional and ready to fly as soon as unpacked. The drone is battery powered and can be operated using a remote control. Users are able to take images from a high altitude and perform flips while taking a shot on the drone. The drone can actively capture videos while flying high up through its in-built UDI U818A HD+ functionality on a simple click of a button. The drone has a long lasting power backup, and the battery usually takes an hour to get fully charged for performing the operations. The battery type is 4 AAA for the remote controller. The time of flight and power for the drone is more than ten minutes on the operation if the LED lights on the drone are turned off. However, the drone comes with detector lights for the dark that always stays on. These lights come in the form of front blue lights and back red lights so that the drone can be located while it flies high above at night. (more…)

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Dromida Vista: The Powerful Drone for Videographers

An advanced version of Ominus FPV is the Dromida Vista FPV that comes as a ready to fly a quadcopter with exceptional capabilities to both shoots for the videos at 720p and transfer it to the Android or mobile device for live feed through Wi-Fi. If you are a keen videographer, who wants to record some hardcore action on the drone, this drone is a perfect piece to go for.

Made of 2.4 GHz technology and an advanced 3+3 airframe stabilization system, this drone is a powerful quadcopter that eases the shooting of video with much stability and speed. The use of technology brings about clarity and vision in the operation of the drone. With a crash-resistant durable plastic airframe, this amazing drone is easily one of the choices to be made for racers, adventurists and speed travelers.

While some features of the Dromida Vista FPV are outstanding, it is the deliverable shoot time or the flight time which comes off as a setback to this rather brilliant drone. One of the ominous models to give a tough competition to some excellent drones – Dromida Vista FPV is easily Dromida’s best foot forward for the adventurist videographers. (more…)

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Syma X8HG Product Review-The Best Affordable Drone

Nowadays, a majority of drones come with a user guide and a beginner’s model these days. More than a luxury, it is a necessity for a majority of people at present. Among the drones available on market these days, Syma X8HG leads the race with its excellent packaging, simple to use layout and collision resistant build-up.

Syma X8HG is a Fit to Fly drone with the proficiency that corresponds to the demands of fast voyage tenants. Other than the tightened parts and build of the drone, it is also sturdy which means it is likely to last longer. The strong form and robust protecting guard of the drone are due to the application of superior technology. Its technology makes it one among the several technologically intelligent drones across the globe. (more…)

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MJX Bugs 3: Drones with the Best Flight Time

Drones are one of the extremely innovative inventions that are now preferred by photographers are filmmakers across the world to get the best view of their particular location. As a matter of fact, there are several entry-level drones in the market, but one of them has swept its way in the scenario in such a manner that all others have fallen back in the competition. With a saturated price range, striving to make good sales, MJX Bugs 3 comes out to be the best among the lot. The MJX is relatively an unknown drone that is leading among its counterpart drones in terms of price as well as performance. (more…)

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Holy Stone F181 Review: Best Buy Within the Budget Segment

The Holy Stone F181 is a valuable addition to the existing range of drone by Holy Stone. Among the entry-level quadcopters that are available in the market these days, this one comes across as an affordable option. Apart from the reasonable price of the drone, it is also suitable for a variety of purposes. (more…)

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10 Ways Drones Are Changing the World Positively

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Few people in the world envisioned that drones had any applications outside of military use. With drone technology improving by the day, we can expect more uses for drones that will change the world for the better. While drones have had a bad rep with hundreds of cases making it to the news, several drone enthusiasts are working to use drones in ways that bring about positive change in the world.

They are not only making news, but they are a massive hit on online platforms and according to Amazon, the sale of drones has increased significantly. While commercial drones have shaped the drone culture we are familiar with today; there drones that are not available to the public for sale. (more…)

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