Walkera F210: The Right FPV Racing Drone for Smooth Flights

Walkera F210: The Right FPV Racing Drone for Smooth Flights

After the brilliant Walkera 250 runner in 2015 comes the new FPV model from Walkera- the Walkera F210 which is both brilliant and a few notches higher in technology.

With sharp and strong flight capabilities, the Walkera F210 is a pretty serious model for every travel enthusiast who wants an FPV model for recording. With the latest features on board and a strong, sturdy body, this drone makes for an ideal quadcopter that allows Swift flip, aerobatic modes, power control, and a stable flight.

The packaging is quite professional allowing the product to be delivered safely to your doors. All of the wires and tools come along while the main parts are packed with extreme care to safeguard from any damage.

Walkera F210 Quick Review


It is a brilliant drone with a lot of advanced technology making it super efficient to shoot videos with ease. The full specifications and the honest reviews about this drone will help you in understanding it completely and making the perfect choice for buying.

Walkera F210 Specifications

  • Devo 7 radio controller
  • RX response receiver
  • F210 3D edition flip 3D aerobic mode
  • Crash-resistant Carbon design
  • Goggle Compatible
  • OSD optimized
  • 4S 1300mAH battery
  • XT60 connector
  • Cloverleaf 5.8G antenna for transmission
  • 700TVL inbuilt camera
  • Flight time: 5 minutes
  • F3 flight controller

What’s inside the Box?

It is a ready to fly drone with all the parts assembled. It comes in a white box which is perfectly packed to make it good for transportation too. The packed box comes with some components like:

  • Manual and start guide
  • CD manual for the controller
  • 4S 100mAh 40C battery
  • Xt60 connector
  • Wrench
  • Toolkit
  • Allen wrenches
  • Cables
  • drone

Walkera F210 Design and Performance


Walkera F210

It is a compact and modular drone that connects to the pin system. That means the design is very easy to open and make changes. The feature F210 means that the racer is able to control the motor shaft from 210m diagonally. It makes use of 5inch props which are easy to use and open. The sturdy body is made of carbon fiber and has a lot of aluminum body parts which are both crashes resistant and shock absorbing.

While the main components are protected from the outside the inner frame consists of LEDs, On-screen display, FPV transmitter, flight controller, etc duly protected. Even the front mount camera has a protective shield on it to make it crash resistant.

This drone operates on a variety of modes while on the air. From the beginners to a very advanced level that allows high horizontal balancing the drone is simply a blessing from technology. Not only this, this drone is also able to provide for 3D flips and rolls to the aircraft at a Walkera top speed of 80km/hr. The flight range of 800m makes it suitable for the racers and FPV users to drive excellent use.

Walkera F210 Controller

The F3 flight controller is the brightest feature of this superb drone. It controls the running of the out of the box clean flight system that can be connected to the PC for tuning and control while the flight is in the air. The controller is compatible with Devo 7 and Devo 10 transmitter. While the Devo 7 comes as a default choice, the Devo 10 needs an additional tuning to set it to operation. For the beginners and swift usage, Devo 7 is a perfect choice.

Features like Dual rate and Expo also make the use easy.

Walkera F210 Battery

The drone operates on the 4s setup of 14.8 volts 1300mAH 40C Li-Po battery. Its fuels the motor sufficiently to take a smooth flight of about 5-9 minutes at a go! While the flight time is relatively less as compared to similar drones in the market, there is an added advantage of speed available to the users.

Operating at 80km/hr with ease the drone helps the FPV and racer drone operates an ultimate solution to their video shooting. The batteries can be changed instantly to make another flight in a short time.

Walkera F210 Propellers

Its propellers are distinct, unique and stand out in their beauty. The strong build and carbon fiber make it durable while the shape of it is distinct. The propellers in their full power make cutting-edge craft onto the air to make for a smooth and stable ride. This is one of the features which come irreplaceable to Walkera drones. The propellers are so mighty that they cannot be replaced with another to get any better performance.

Walkera F210 Camera


This drone comes with an inbuilt camera of 700TVL high resolution. It is adjustable to 120-degree video recording and also provides for night mode shoots. The camera transmits real-time images and videos from the camera with the help of Wi-Fi connectivity even in extreme weather conditions. The auto-adjustable sensors allow for photo-sensation according to the brightness of the weather – leaving no work left for the users.

Walkera F210 Customizability

It is not a drone to be customized to make it a better performing one. The two distinct, irreplaceable features being the propellers and controller! The drone only supports the RC controller Devo 7 and Devo 10 – there is no scope for any other controller. The propellers too are the signature proprietary which lies irreplaceable.

Walkera F210 Price

Walkera F210 Price

Priced at $325, it is an excellent drone with a lot of features to bank on. Its distinct appearance, hassle-free use, and power flight make it the best in the industry.

Walkera F210 Pros and Cons


  • Stable and smooth flight
  • Crash-resistant
  • High-speed flight
  • 3D flips

  • Low flight time
  • Irreplaceable parts
  • Low power battery


It offers a smart FPV drone for the racers to operate with ease. The shoot modes, flight speed, and momentum on air make it an ideal partner for race shooting. The range it covers is excellent too. In spite of a few shortfalls, this one is an excellent product to invest on.