XK Detect Review-Reliable and Powerful Drone for Long Aerial Video Shoots

XK Detect Review-Reliable and Powerful Drone for Long Aerial Video Shoots

XK Detect X380 FPV is a brilliant drone with a compactly sized drone and a battery life that lasts. With easy to use features, compact designing and a suitable camera extension for adding the gadget the it is a perfect design to shoot aerial videos and take pictures from a height.

XK Detect X380 has ABS frame which allows the drone a sturdy body that is both crash resistant and shock absorbing. The receiver is a powerful one taking inaccurate signals making its performance and functioning better than others. As the ready to fly a quadcopter, it just needs battery charging to set it to operation. Because the drone does not come with an inbuilt camera one needs to attach their own.

XK Detect X380 Features


The features of XK Detect X380 FPV are exquisite to give you the perfect shots and thrill of using technology for shoots. These reviews will help you understand the uses and benefits better!

XK Detect X380 Specifications

  • Quadcopter
  • ABS Material
  • Mode 2 controller
  • 4GHz remote control
  • Remote distance: 1000m
  • 950KV 2212 brushless motor
  • 100-240V charging
  • 1 V 5400mAh Li-Po battery
  • Flight time: 30< minutes
  • Dimensions: 30.5×30.5×21.2 cms
  • Weight: 945 grams

What’s inside the Box?

The XK Detect X380 comes as a standalone ready to fly a quadcopter with a transmitter, battery, and remote. Here is what one shall find inside the box:

  • Two pair of propellers
  • Camera fixing accessories
  • 1V 5400mAH 20C li-po battery
  • Battery charger
  • Cable set
  • Tools
  • English manual
  • Mode 2 transmitter
  • XK Detect X380 drone

XK Detect X380 Design and Performance

XK Detect X380 Design and Performance

A foot long in length and 12.01 diagonally, it is a light drone that is easy to fly. The size and built is good for supporting action cameras as well as the regular camera (the lighter version) for shooting aerial shots. The ABS material of the drone makes it strong enough to fight from crashes and take up the heat. The body does not melt even if the machine gets extremely heated up.

The propellers and wings called the rotors are suitably fixed to give the drone a stable and smooth performance. The black body and red additions on it make it look extremely beautiful with white propellers that make a distinct appearance. The drone has flat stoppers in the bottom so that the landing of the drone is smooth too.

It’s a stable performing drone with 1000m flight area and a GPS tracker to track the status anytime. Easy landing and take-off are ensured for smooth and worry-free shooting experience.

XK Detect X380 Controller

This drone uses a Mode 2 transmitter which captures connectivity with the drone brilliantly. The left nodes control the direction and throttle while the right nodes control aileron and the elevator. There is also a home button which when pressed brings the drone back closer to the controller.

The controller runs at a frequency of 2.4GHz which is a strong signal provider for quick movements, easy tracking and faster access to a drone.

XK Detect X380 Battery

XK Detect X380 Battery

The drone uses a powerful 5400mAh 11.1V 20C Li-Po battery for the operation of the drone. The battery is lightweight, easy to charge and gives a long battery backup for the smooth operation of the drone. The drone works on a flight time of at least 30 minutes. The flight time gets visibly reduced with a camera attached to it.

The battery, however, can be replaced anytime with ease to continue shooting. It also supports a higher power battery for longer operation and better performance.

XK Detect X380 Propellers

The drone comes with two pairs of propellers which are red and white in color. They are heat resistant, sturdy and stylish. The size and width make enough power to cut through the air and rise with stability.

XK Detect X380 Camera

This drone does not have an inbuilt camera. One needs to add a camera of your own to shoot with the drone. Compatible with action cameras like Go Pro, Hero etc. works best for the drones. There is a camera mount in the bottom allows attaching the camera with good grip to help safeguard the camera.

But there are no controllers or remotes for camera operation during the flight. One needs to adjust the settings of the camera before the flight for taking their video and photo shots as per their desire.

XK Detect X380 Customizability

The best part about this drone is that it comes as a ready-to-fly drone which is sufficient for its use. It is perfect for explorers, hikers, racers, etc with the right flight time. However for long shoot modes and power stability, one might customize the drone on their own. The tools complementary to the drone helps open the parts of the drone and change the accessories with ease.

Battery, camera, and propellers, however, are to be matched by the users on their own.

XK Detect X380 Price

The amazing drone is priced at $389 at most of the platforms like Amazon. With a good flight time, smooth performance and distinct sturdy body – it’s a good drone to go for. The guarantee and warranty features are strictly seller related.

XK Detect X380 Pros and Cons



  • Stable performance
  • Good flight time
  • Smooth landing
  • Better control
  • Sturdy crash resistant body
  • Heat bearer

  • Does not provide control on the camera
  • Reduced flight time with the added camera
  • High price


XK Detect X380 Final Review

XK Detect X380 Final Review

This drone has its own set of treats for the video-shooting enthusiasts. The high flight time, sturdy body and smooth performance of the drone makes it exceptional. But with limited scope for camera control and usage, the drone fails to provide the user with comfort to operate their shoots. The inability to control the camera comes as a barrier to zoom in and zoom out options which is a major setback. However, it is still a brilliant drone to invest and take flight for shooting at extreme heat or long durations.