Monday, December 10, 2018
drone social management

7 Incredible Ways of Using Drones for Social Good

With every new technology comes various applications, and with drones, the possibilities are endless. Most people are familiar with the typical applications which include, surveillance, filmmaking, use in agriculture and fishing,...
drone usage in future

10 Surprising Ways Drone Could Be Useful in the Future

Drones are without a doubt one of the best technologies today, and they continue to disrupt the commercial and private way of life. Drone manufacturers are spending sleepless nights in meetings...
Drones Are Changing the World

10 Ways Drones Are Changing the World Positively

Few people in the world envisioned that drones had any applications outside of military use. With drone technology improving by the day, we can expect more uses for drones that will...
Drone Delivery

What You Need to Know About Drone Delivery

The application of drones keeps growing by the day, and the latest application is in parcel delivery. According to projections, the delivery of parcels using drones could be faster and cheaper...
3D printed drone

3D Printed Drones: All You Need to Know

Most people are content with the commercially available drones on the market. As much as they are functional, they each have their shortcomings. Many drone enthusiasts have for the longest time...
Drone Safety Tips

Drone Safety Tips You Should Know

Drones have become increasingly popular for both professional and recreational use. However, like any craft, it is bound by rules and regulations and drone safety has to be the most critical....

Quadcopter Drone: What Is It & How to Fly It Like A Professional

Thanks to advancement in technology, there is a wide array of drones in the market. All you need to do is compare and contrast the specifications to choose one that best...
drone school training

Drone Schools Produce Certified Professional Training

The Term “Drone” is commonly known as UAV’s, which comes in two varieties. One is the drone controlled remotely and the second one is the pre-programmed flight that flies independently based...
Best drone propellers

Make Your Quadcopter More Fun With New Propellers

A quadcopter, which is sometimes also referred to as quadrotor helicopter is usually lifted by four rotors and propellers. This article contains detailed information about the propellers of a quadcopter, its...
sharp image drone

Incredible Way to Shape Future Ahead With Drone Training Courses

Before starting a brief topping on drones and its courses, let's do a mental recap on what a drone actually is and how its general structure is and where its uses...


The DJI Phantom 4 Pro:A Professional Review

Over the recent years, drone sales have been increasing at breathtaking speeds. Despite the sudden increase in sales and drone prices, very few companies...
DJI Phantom 2 Vision

DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus