Parrot Mambo FPV for the 2018 Christmas Gift

Parrot Mambo FPV for the 2018 Christmas Gift

In this age and time, technology has advanced to astonish you time and again. Another such invention which will take you by awe is Mambo FPV Drone by Parrot. It will give you an edge over all your competitors as you become a part of the drone racing club. It is ultra-light and an extremely powerful drone to help you become the champion.

Parrot Mambo FPV is a small yet intuitive machine which can easily fit your palm but can perform wonders when letting loose in the sky. What sets this mambo drone apart from its predecessors is its ability to work with modular accessories, making the drone flying experience even more exciting.

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Parrot Mambo FPV Review

Parrot Mambo FPV Drone aces all the features that you are looking for in an FPV drone. It enables you to experience everything that a pilot would by giving you the live streaming right at your smartphone or tab. here are some tech specs of Parrot Mambo FPV.

Parrot Mambo FPV Specifications

Parrot Mambo FPV


  • Flight Distance: 100 metres
  • Flight Time: 10 Minutes (8 minutes with connected bumpers)
  • Dedicated Application: Freeflight Mini (iOS 7 and up, Android 4.3 and up, and OS Linux)
  • Pressure Sensors: Yes
  • Camera Sensors: Yes
  • Ultrasound Sensors: Yes
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer: Yes
  • 3-Axis Gyroscope: Yes
  • Weight: 63g, with Camera 73g
  • Obstacle Detection: Yes
  • Size: 7.1×7.1 inches


  • Recording: 720p HD, 30 fps
  • Real Time Streaming: Yes
  • Field Of View: 120 Degree
  • Vertical Camera: Yes, 60 fps

Parrot Cockpitglass 2

  • FOV: 96 Degree
  • Compatible Screen Size: 4.5” to 6” Android or iOS Screen


  • Type: 660 mAh LiPo Battery
  • Charging Time: 30 Minutes
  • Run-time: 10 Minutes
  • Charger: 2,1A Charger

Controller (Parrot Flypad)

  • Controller Range: 100 m with Parrot Flypad, 100 feet (30 m) with Smartphone
  • Battery: 200 mAH Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Charging time: 2 Hours
  • Battery Life: 6 Hours
  • Connection: Bluetooth Control (V4.0 BLE)

Now, let’s head towards a detailed analysis of all the Parrot Mambo FPV Drone features.

Built and Design

This adorable tiny Parrot Mambo FPV drone is a powerhouse, perfect for all the droning enthusiasts who want to experience everything a pilot could. This ultra-lightweight drone weighs just 73 g with the camera, stands 2 inches tall and its 7.1×7.1 inches dimensions allow it to fit into your palm. The drone is sturdy and the propellers are protected by bumpers (propeller guards) to deal with the inevitable crashes. It is built in standard fashion with 4 rotors extending out of the central system. The green LED lights give it the funky bug-like appearance and enable you to identify the status of the drone.

The top of the Parrot Mambo FPV drone is customised to ensure that the drone holds all the accessories you are planning to add to the drone well. The most popular accessories are the camera, Grabber, and the Cannon which will make the drone flying fun like nothing else. A USB connection is provided to connect the accessories with the drone.

Power and Performance

When it comes to beating your friends in the done racing championship, Parrot Mambo FPV will never let you down. Of all the hobbyist drones for sale, Mambo fits all budgets and can help you taste victory with the incredibly powerful 660 mAh Li-Po Battery. This battery powers the motors to keep the drone afloat for up to 10 minutes without accessories and 8 minutes with attachments. It will take you 30 minutes to charge the drone with the USB charger included in the box.

When it comes to performance, there is less number of drones which can beat this modular drone as you can add accessories on top of the drone to get an edge over its competitors. If you are a beginner, Parrot Mambo FPV is your drone with 3 flight modes:

  1. Begin with Easy Mode to have the drone keep itself afloat as you make yourself comfortable with the controls.
  2. The Drift Mode gives you the power to move the drone horizontally by turning the horizontal stabilisation off.
  3. Once you’ve mastered the controls, switch to the Racing Mode to unleash the champion in you!

Speaking of easy flying, propeller guards are not the only things that protect your drone. Intuitive obstacle detection powered by 3-axis accelerometer and tilt detection took care of by 3-axis Gyroscope keep the drone protected too.

Ultrasound sensors, pressure sensors, Camera sensors, and Vertical camera for detecting speed are more add-on features of the drone which help the controller to keep a check on the status of the drone while you can feel free as you fly. The ratio of the weight and speed of the drone is optimised to keep the drone afloat without much hassle.


Parrot Mambo FPV Camera

FPV camera is a must-have for getting the piloting experience as highlighted earlier. You can attach the FPV Camera, included in the box, on top of the drone, enabling you to see what lies beyond your eye-sight. The camera that comes with the drone will let you see the world in 720p HD quality at 30 fps. You can also switch to the vertical camera (60 fps) through the controls on the app.

All you need to do is, download the FreeFlight Mini App of your Android or iOS devices and connect it to the drone via a secure Wi-Fi Connection. If you are using Linux OS, you can download the SDK version available on the official website of Parrot. Now, you can see everything that your drone camera can from the ground. If you want to experience the very surge of flying a drone, put on your Parrot Cockpitglass 2 (included in the box)! The Cockpitglass 2 is will enhance your FPV experience with FOV of 96 degrees.

You can also record and take snapshots of everything that you see on your smartphone directly through the FreeFlight Mini application from up to 30 metres away.

Parrot Flypad Controller

As mentioned above, you can download the FreeFlight app on your smartphone to get the benefits of the FPV drone or you can let the camera rest as you step in the field to compete with the Parrot Flypad Controller.

The Parrot Flypad Controller looks like a gaming remote control which will enable you to control your drone from up to 100 metres (330 feet) away. The controller uses 200 mAh LiPo Batteries which will work for 6 hours after charging for 2 hours. You can switch between modes and control where your drone is headed to with the help of this controller connected to drone via Bluetooth V4.0 BLE.

Pros and Cons of Parrot Mambo FPV Drone

While the above Parrot Mambo FPV review makes it sound like the perfect beginners’ drone, here are some negative aspects and perks which you should consider before buying it.

  • Cons

    • Setting up a Bluetooth connection between the Flypad and the drone is a smooth process but a bit fiddly as it might take a few attempts to get it right.
    • Though the camera is lightweight and fits perfectly on the drone, the quality isn’t great. While you can enjoy decent FPV with the drone, it is certainly not the one for professionals.
    • Because the camera is mounted on the top of the drone, blades tend to become a part of the picture which isn’t what you were looking for.
    • The Wi-Fi connection you establish between the app and the drone tends to be quite jittery at certain points. For that, you need to identify the best possible connection for the both.
    • While the 10 minutes flight time is not bad for the money you are paying, it is certainly not fun enough. Well, you can always invest in some extra batteries costing $20 each for extended fun.
    • The 30-metre range the app control offers is less too.
  • Pros

    • The three flying modes: Easy Mode, Drift Mode and Racing Mode paired with intuitive controls and sensors make it a perfect drone for beginners.
    • The option to mount various modular accessories on the Parrot Mambo FPVis certainly a cherry on the cake.
    • The Cockpitglass 2 is the perfect addition to enhance the flying experience.
    • The app eliminates the need for any external storage as the videos and pictures get recorded in the smartphone or tab directly.

Is Parrot Mambo FPV Worth the Price?

Above said, the Parrot Mambo FPV range being decided at 164.99 USD is something rare to find. The drone comes with:

  • 1 FPV Camera
  • Parrot Flypad Controller
  • Parrot Cockpitglass 2
  • 4 Hulls
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • 660 mAh Li-Po Battery

The above is a good number of add-ons for any hobbyist drone for sale. Though the drone has some glitches here and there, it is an affordable drone which is loaded with features. It is the perfect beginners’ drone to add to the Christmas Gift list this year!

So, what are you waiting for? Put the Parrot Cockpitglass 2 on and get set fly!