10 Best Virtual Reality Headset Drones: Reviews & Comparisons

10 Best Virtual Reality Headset Drones: Reviews & Comparisons

Maybe you do not have a good reason for buying a drone, but you have to admit that it is the coolest technology ever. Today, drones are referred to as ‘flying robots.’ Some drones are used as tech toys while others are used for imaging and video shooting for big and small projects. If your next project will use a flying camera, there is some good news. The technology today will help you to succeed on your project. There many drone models on the market today that will help eliminate the use of helicopters in video shooting. Use of drones guarantees video quality and stabilization.

Drones are expensive gadgets, and you need to do enough research before buying. You do not want to buy a gadget that will not serve your purpose. Today we have drones that are combined with headsets. This is the most recent models in the drone market. Even better, the headsets have an incredible technology where the user can control the drone with the use of the headsets.  Even though drones with virtual reality (VR) headsets is a new technology to drone users, drone racers are enjoying using them for drone racing to become a reality.

If you have never flown a drone before, you can try the awesome experience today. Here is a list of the best drones with headsets on the market today.


10 Best VR Drones: Reviews, Prices and Comparisons


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1 DJI Mavic Pro Drone with Remote Control and VR Headsets


In case you are looking for a flying camera, DJI Mavic Pro Drone with VR headset is the drone to invest on. It only comes at $ 999, and with no doubt, you will not regret buying the awesome gadget.  The garget is small but hides a lot of power within it. It can turn the sky into a beautiful canvas making your flying a reality. The amazing thing with DJI Mavic Pro drone is that it is compact making it portable.

The drone has sophisticated features which include 4 – vision sensors, a 4k camera that is stable thanks to the 3 –axis technology. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you have your drone flying high in the sky.

Clarity of videos is assured, thanks to the 1080p/720p thanks to the HD camera. Even better, you do not have to worry about taking photos and videos in dim light conditions. The camera has an ISO setting of about 1600 in photo and up to 3200 in video. The camera has shutter speeds of up to 1/8000s that makes it possible to take crispy clean photos.

More information about DJI Mavic Pro Drone


•  The drone is compact making it easy to carry it anywhere

•  Easy to use and control

  It produces clear images and videos


•  The memory card that comes with the drone does not work


2 DJI Phantom 3 Drone with VR Headset


DJ Phantom 3 Drone with VR Headset is a professional drone that is worth $1,399. With this drone, you can fly high into the sky and take high-quality photos and videos thanks to the 4K HD camera and 3 –axis technology that assures stability while still in flight mode.

The drone is easy to fly since you can control it using your Android device via an App. Also, the remote controller comes with a powerful battery charger that assures you of a longer flying time. Other awesome features include a 32 GB memory card.


•  Takes crystal clear images and videos

•  The drone is stable while in flight mode

•  Longer flying times due to a powerful battery charger

More Information About DJI Phantom 3


3 DJI Phatom 4 Drone with VR Headset


At only $1,199 you can experience the awesome feeling of flying. DJI phantom 4 drones make flying a reality thanks to the VR headsets. The drone is an advanced Quadcopter that can be controlled with a smartphone thanks to the 4480mah intelligence technology. You do not have to worry about the memory space; the drone has a 32 GB microSDHC UHS – I 633X memory card. In case you are looking for professional experience, this is the drone to invest on.

More Information About DJI Phantom 4


•  The drone has a large memory capacity that does not limit you to taking photos

•  Easy to operate


•  The drone is expensive

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4 Force1 UDI U818A Wi-Fi FPV Quadcopter Drone


If you are new to drones, force 1 UDI U818A is the perfect model for you. At only $149.95 you can have an incredible flying experience. It has an altitude hold function that helps to stabilize the drone during aerial photography and live videos while in flight mode. Even better you are assured to take stunning HD aerial photographs and videos in 720p due to its in build 2MP camera. The drone is the best for professionals who specialize in photography and videographer.

The drone has a first-person view (FPV) where you can watch a live streaming video from you’re your iphone or Android device thanks to the FPV WIFI features. The drone comes with a bonus device that is the VR headset device that brings your flying experience to reality.

When flying your Force1 UDI U818A, you do not have to worry where your drone is facing while flying. It has a headless mode where once activated; the drone can fly in any direction heading to the location you want.

With Force1 UDI U818A drone, you are assured of longer flying time because it comes with an extra battery and a power bank. Isn’t this marvelous? You can charge your battery drone during use to maximize your flying times.


•  It has a headless mode making the user not to worry about the direction the drone is facing while flying

•  It has an altitude mode that helps maintain stability when taking photos and videos

•  You can take off and land with the help of pressing one button

•  Long flying times because it has an extra battery and power bank

•  The drone is beginner friendly


•  The drone is capable of only taking 720p videos

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5 Nincoair NH90110 Shade Wifi VR Virtual Reality Remote Control VR Drone


If you are searching for a drone that makes you feel like a bird while flying, NINCOAIR NH90110 Drone is the drone to invest on. With as little as $ 149.95 you can own this gadget. It has a VGA camera for taking photos and videos, virtual reality glasses and a WIFI connection to help view live streaming on your iphone or android device.

With this device, you are assured of an easy flight because of 2.4Ghz technology, 4 – channel and a 6- axis stabilizer. You can start flying the device from anywhere – it does not have to be a flat surface. The 2.4Ghz technology can make the user fly more than forty drones at the same time and the same space without any interference.

marketable NINCOAIR NH90110 Drone
NINCOAIR NH90110 Drone

The most exciting thing about this device, you can do acrobatic stunts with your device in four directions – Flips, loops, and rolls – while flying your drone.

It is easy to fly the NINCOAIR NH90110 SHADE WIFI VR because of its headless mode. The user does not have to worry the direction in which the drone is facing while flying it. It also has an automatic return mode that helps the drone to trace back its movement to the starting point with just a push of a button.


•  It has a headless mode that allows the user to fly it while it is facing any direction

•  There is guaranteed stability due to the size of 54 cm x 54cm and 6 – axis stabilizer

•  It has an automatic mode that makes it return to the start point

•  You can fly many drones simultaneously at the same place

More Information About Nincoair NH 90110 VR Drone


6 RCtown FPV Drone RC Quadcopter 


If you are looking for the simplest drone to fly, consider buying RCtown FPV Drone RC Quadcopter. This is one of the cheapest and the simplest drones to operate. It will only cost you $59.99 so don’t hesitate to try it out. Even better, it offers a headless mode transmission, which makes it safe and fun to fly in any direction. More to that, it offers first-person view (FPV) transmission that is in real time, and the user can connect it to their phone or android device.

RCtown FPV Drone RC Quadcopter is stable when flying thanks to 6- axis technology. Better stability makes the drone to take quality pictures and videos. Also, it is compatible with Grogon knight headsets that make the flying experience reality. To top up with its amazing features, it has an in-build camera that can capture photos regardless the occasion- parties, sports or family events.


•  It has a headless mode that makes it easier to fly the drone

•  It is affordable

•  The drone is stable thanks to the 6- axis technology


•  It has a limited battery life that can cut short your flying experience

•  The drone is not strong enough and can be blown by the wind

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7 Parrot Bebop 2 FPV


When you want to explore and capture images of incredible places, you can purchase Parrot Bebop 2 FPV drone. With the Parrot Skycontroller 2 and Cockpit glasses, you will have an incredible flying time with your drone. Even better, FPV headsets will help you feel the reality of flying.

The drone is designed to fly both inside and outside with a battery life of 25 minutes.  With Parrot Bebop 2 Drone with VR Headset, you assured of crystal clear pictures and videos thanks to a HD camera of 1080p. Also, it uses 3 – axis technology that enables drone stabilization that ensures smooth and clear footages while in flight mode. Also, Parrot Bebop 2 Drone is compact that makes it easy to transport and capture awesome videos and photos.

With a Parrot Skycontroller, you can use the two joysticks for ultra-precise piloting and fly tour drone up to 1.2 miles away. Also, taking off and landing is only controlled by a button. Even more interesting, the drone can find its way back home due to a return home feature.

Flying experience with Parrot Bebop 2 is fun since you can play with different attitudes, speed and directions since stability is guaranteed thanks to the anti-stall system. Why lie, the gadget is worth $439.98 with these exiting features.

More Information About Parrot Bebop 2 FPV


•  Crystal clear photos and videos are assured due to a 1080p camera

•  The drone has a long battery life of about 25 minutes

•  Stability is maintained by use of 3 – axis technology

•  The drone is light making it possible for easy transportation


•  The drone is light, and a fall can cause total damage

•  The controlling App comes at a price

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8 Ehang Ghostdrone 2.0 Drone with VR Headset


Ehang drone is the easiest drone to operate. You operate the drone with a device that you are familiar with and use it every day – a Smartphone. Therefore, you do not worry about learning new tricks of maneuvering your device. Even better, you do not have to struggle with learning how to use a joystick.

GHOSTDRONE follows the movement of your Android device. You only need to download the EHANG play app and choose either to enable the Avatar control.  The device is operated by moving the phone forward, backward left or right. You can easily adjust the height of the drone from the downloaded app.

If you want to see the world in real time, EHANG Ghost drone is the gadget to purchase. The drone transmits data in real time where you can see things as they are happening. Even better, you can control the camera on the drone by tilting your head to the direction you want. With the Avatar control, the VR goggles provide an incredible experience where you become fully connected with the drone.

GHOSTDRONE can automatically find its way home or to its launch location even when the battery is low or when it has lost communication with the Android device or iphone. With this smart device, you never worry about it getting lost.

If you are going for a vacation or a road trip, you do not have to worry about the space. You can shoot up to 4k videos which are crystal clear thanks to the 12-megapixel camera with a F/2.8 aperture. The drone is available in the market at only $ 674.99.

More Information About EHang Ghostdrone 2.0 Drone


•  The drone is easy to operate since it only needs an Android device

•  The drone can find its way home with a low battery

•  It produces high-quality videos and images thanks to the 12-megapixel camera

•  You can easily control the camera with a tilt of the head


•  You cannot use your phone to control the drone while wearing the goggles

•  An expensive tool that is not ideal for photography profession


9 DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone Quadcopter Fly


Although DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone Quadcopter is fast on air, it is still portable on land. Due to this fitted with a camera that has motorized stabilization that can let you capture 12MP videos and 1080p HD videos. Even better, you can take aerial selfies with this gadget.

You don’t have to worry about the drone’s speed since it can travel up to 31mph and has a 16 minutes flight time. A drone with these specs is favorable to racers or to people who are looking for a better experience from taking photographs with a Smartphone.

DJI Spark portable mini-drone has a GPS and a vision navigator that is suitable for flying both indoors and outdoors. You do not have to worry about small accidents while flying the drone since it has a 3D object detection system. You will always enjoy smooth rides!

When you buy DJI Spark mini portable drone, you should never worry about low batteries since it comes with a charging hub and a hub power supply. The drone is available at only $697 on the market today.

More Information About DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone


•  The Drone is easily portable

•  Battery life is assured since it comes with a charging hub and hub power supply

•  The drone takes quality photos and videos thanks to the 12MP camera


•  It is difficult to connect the drone to the app and require the user to download fixes

•  The drone makes noise when in use and is therefore not suitable for indoor use

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10 Holy Stone F181W Wi-Fi FPV Drone


If you are looking for a drone that will help you take high-resolution pictures, buy a Holy stone F181W drone. Not only does it have a 720p 120° wide-angle HD WIFI camera that can take clear pictures while still in flight mode.

Your flying experience becomes a reality thanks to First Person View (FPV) that is in real time. You can see exactly what your drone sees during live recording. This is possible only by installing an app on your iphone or android phone. Even better, the drone is compatible with VR headset that helps make flying a reality.

Holy Stone F181W Wi-Fi FPV is easy to operate because of a headless mode. You do not have to worry the direction in which the drone is facing while flying it. Even better, the drone adopts 6 – Axis Gyro flying system that assures the stability of the drone. Due to this reason, you can take good picture quality and finish a 3d finish with only one key. Also, the drone has a return button, which when pressed, it returns to its original departure place.  You can get this drone today at as little as $119.95.


  • The camera is of good quality that allows you take quality pictures
  • The drone is easy to fly due to its headless mode
  • It comes with extra batteries hence guarantees longer flying times
  • The drone is strong since it is made of ABS elastic plastic that does not crack easily after a fall


•  There is only one camera fitted on the drone that makes it impossible to live film and take photographs at the same time

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Sometimes it might become difficult to know which drone is the best in the market. From the above analysis, hope you find the drone you have always wanted and have the most incredible flying experience.