10 Best Drone Under $500 – Best Value for Money

10 Best Drone Under $500 – Best Value for Money

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1. Force1 F100 GoPro-Ccompatible Quadcopter


The Force1 F100 GoPro-Compatible Quadcopter is a specially built drone which has the elements on the highest-end technology. This drone is very easy when it comes to operation. Apart from the durability of the drone it can be said that it is equipped with elements that can encourage even first time flyers to enjoy their time with it. Owing to the fact that it does not require users to assemble it on their own, it encourages users to love the drone since it is built to make like easier with this Quadcopter. We must state that this drone is not the best when it comes to high-end professional use; however, it is fast and stable in the air. Impressively, the force1 drone comes with a strong battery which makes it very more possible to have a great deal of high quality photograph and video recording which promises a reasonable duration.

The drone does not actually come with its own inbuilt camera, however, considering the fact that there is a need to have it in place, there is an action mount specially designed for use with either the GoPro Hero 3 or 4. This attached camera gives room for users to have a clearer picture than an inbuilt digital output. It is very easy to set up moreover. Once you set it up, it streams FPV video in high definition straight to your iPhone or Android device with minimal additional setup.

Force1 F100 GoProFeatures

  • It comes with a Low Battery Alarm for safety purposes
  • It works through a 2.4GHz transmission frequency with 4 channels
  • The drone is equipped with powerful brushless motors which provide a quiet, long flight which cannor be overtaken by just a slight breeze.
  • Includes High and Low speed modes that are ideal for high-quality, clear images and videos
  • Allow users to perform 360° stunts and tricks in the air while being stable enough to avoid doing a nose dive into the ground
  • It has a 6-axis gyro for ultimate stability
  • Android and iOS wireless HD streaming through a mounted GoPro Hero 3 or Hero 4
  • Flight time: Flight time of up to 15 minutes
  • Camera sensors: Compatible with GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 4 mounted cameras for aerial photography and video
  • Size: It has a total size of 15.6”x13.8”x6.5”
  • Weight: Weighs 3.1 pounds
  • Battery: 1800mAh LiPo battery
  • Transmitter: transmission range of up to 300m
Pros Cons
  • It uses a manual stick mode functionality which makes the drone incredibly responsive even in the High speed mode
  • The drone comes with an extra battery which doubles the out-of-the-box flight time to an impressive 30 minutes (24 with the camera mounted)
  • The drone does not have an inbuilt camera; it therefore result to purchasing one differently.
  • The mount built with cannot be adjusted
  • It has troubleshooting issues.


The Force1 F100 GoPro-Compatible Quadcopter equals a high tech which is magnificent in nature; it is very active and capable of meeting the taste of any users that has a special interest in drones flying.



2. Altair Aerial AA818 Plus Hornet

Altair 818
Unexceptionable Altair 818+ drone

The Altair Aerial AA818 Plus Hornet is a drone which is built with an easy access to controlling. The drone is interestingly durable and it has perfect features which give users an indefinite rest of mind while purchasing. In order to make the drone easy to use, there are several features that are considered while building the drone, these include:

  • The Headless Mode: the headless mode makes it much more intuitive to control.
  • The Altitude Hold Mode: This which keeps it steady in the air.

The multiple speed settings for different levels of user experience

  • The-touch take-off and landing, and the ability to control it either from a mobile device or from a videogame-style controller.

The drone is perfect for beginners when it comes to training with it because of the two batteries that is included in the box. The shape of the drone is very pleasing to users most especially when trying to practice some aerial photography

Altair Aerial AA818: Features

  • The drone has Ease-of-use features which include Headless Mode, Altitude Hold Mode, three speed settings, one-touch take-off and landing
  • The drone comes with a Low Battery Alarm for safety purposes
  • It has a 6-axis gyro for ultimate stability
  • There is Android and iOS wireless FPV streaming
  • Flight time: Flight time of up to 15 minutes per battery
  • Flight range: 150 meters
  • Camera sensors: Built-in 720p HD camera
  • Battery: 1800mAh LiPo battery
Pros Cons
  • The drone is built to sustain fifteen minutes flight when fully charged.
  • It has two batteries included in the box
  • Long range (150 meters!)
  • High quality 720p camera
  • It does not have the ability to function properly in the wind.


Considering the fact that the drone is perfectly built, it is mostly sought after by professionals and beginners for proper enjoyment during its engagement. The inbuilt camera is also another factor that should prompt users to consider the Altair Aerial AA818 Plus Hornet drone.



3. DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone

DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone

The first thing to be noted is that the spark drone is not a partial drone, instead, it is great for every drone lovers. Considering the fact that the spark drone is specially built, it has a unique camera that produces brilliant colors and also more advanced algorithms. The DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone is endowed with a longer range and also a forward obstacle avoidance system. The forward obstacle avoidance system is helpful for people who are new to the usage of drones because it makes it simpler to operate. This drone can move from the ground up to the air in very a shorter duration, probably less than a minute. The drone serves as a neutral ground between every drone handlers; the beginners and the advanced pilots.

More about DJI Mini Drone

DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone: Features

  • The drone is available in different colors which count to 5.
  • it is built to features Quick Launch, Face Aware, UltraSmooth technology, Object Avoidance, Return to Home, Dynamic Home Point/Home Point, Auto Exposure Bracketing, Timed Shot, Shallow Focus.
  • It include a 12 MP camera with 1080p video resolution at 30 FPS and a live video feed
  • It uses a WiFi connection through the DJI GO 4 app
  • When in sports mode, it is capable of reaching speeds of up to 31 mph
  • It has 2-axis mechanical gimbal
  • Flight time: 16 minutes
  • Flight range: 300 feet
  • Camera sensors: 12 MP cameras
Pros Cons
  • The drone is big enough to double the range of the Phantom 3
  • Despite the high-end features, it is very easy to use.
  • It is portable and easy to fly.
  • Newer camera
  • Forward obstacle avoidance 
  • It has a shorter flight time.
  • It has limited range of video options.
  • Its size makes it slower and less stable, which might make some videos blurry. 


DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone reveals the strength of the spark product which is uniquely configured to meet standards and expectations.



4. DJI Phantom 3 Standard

dji phandom 3 standard

The DJI Phantom 3 standard is an impressive drone that is endowed with quality product which is evident from a noticeable difference in its performance. This special drone has an outstanding range which is calculated to be 1 km maximum. It is quite rare to have any other drone of this category to come close to the range in which the DJI Phantom operates. As for the camera, the quality is very standard most especially with the option to upgrade to 4K. The battery of this drone is very strong and its timing is between twenty-three minutes to twenty-five minutes. This battery strength is definitely beyond every other drone of the above noted drones.

 DJI Phantom 3: Features

  • The drone is built readily for its flight.
  • It is built to View live image streamed to users phone using the DJI go app
  • It has a simple GPS module
  • Excellent Follow-me feature
  • Intelligent battery
  • Flight time: 25 minutes
  • Flight range: close to the 1 Km
  • Camera sensors: 2.7 K/30 fps video recording capability
Pros Cons
  • It is one of the best drones
  • Wonderful camera and video recording capability
  • Beautiful controls and companion app
  • Balances usage between beginners and professionals
  • A little expensive
  • The service is somehow poor
  • The battery life isn’t dependable.


The DJI Phantom 3 standard is generally wonderful and well produced. Apart from the battery incapacity level which is general to almost all drones, DJI Phantom is brilliant in features and standard. It is best for people who have passion for piloting a drone.



 5  Force1 UDI U818A Wifi FPV


This will be the first drone in discourse that will come with a VR headset and power bank to supply extra power to the machine. The structure of this drone is very beautiful, simple enough and decent. In order to complement this, the drone has an altitude Hold which is paired with some of the features that are not usually present in many of the drones that are seen in this category such as Custom Route Mode. 

Force1 UDI U818AFeatures

  • It is built in a ready-to-fly mode.
  • It has the ability to stream real-time video to a smartphone
  • 2MP 720p photos and video recording capability
  • It comes with a bonus VR headset
  • Flight time: 9 minutes of flight time
  • Flight range: 120m of range
  • Camera sensors: 2MP 720p photos and video recording capability
Pros Cons
  • Comes with 2 LiPo batteries for double the flight time
  • Has Altitude Hold, Custom Route Mode, and Headless Mode
  • HD camera with 1280p x 720p at 30 fps
  • One Button Take Off and Landing
  • Lightweight, easily maneuverable design
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Issues with going out of range on its own.
  • Problems reported with one motor not working


The Force1 Udi U818a Wifi FPV drone is generally good in structure and attributes. Also, the price is very good and with this, it makes it easier for users to purchase and at the same time enjoy the features that go beyond their money.



6. 3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter

3DR Solo Smart Drone

The 3DR Solo Drone is specially known for its gaming style controls. The gaming control gives users the feeling of playing a video game when the Quadcopter is being handled. With this beautiful output, it is possible for users to get used to it even if it’s with the beginners. The other features are pretty ominous when it is being compared with the other drones that are in market. The camera in the drone is sensitively adjustable. When driving the drone, users can pause flight in the mid-air and an HDMI port in the controller which can be used to stream the video on virtually any screen.

More about 3DR Solo Quadcopter Drone

3DR Solo Drone: Features

  • Ready-to-fly
  • Streams video to smartphone
  • 40 mph speed
  • GPS navigation
  • No inbuilt camera
  • Gimbal camera support
  • Follow me feature
  • Flight time: 18 minutes flight time
  • Flight range: 700m range
  • Camera sensors: HD camera
Pros Cons
  • The drone is not too expensive.
  • Since there is no in inbuilt camera, the drone allows users to customize their camera the way they want.
  • It has a very cool gaming-style controller
  • It is a smart drone
  • It has a smart Shot capability
  •  Users are left to spend extra money in purchasing camera
  • The drone has availability issue
  • Customer service issue that seems to be associated with literally every drone on Amazon
  • Some technical glitches reported by a few customers 


Even though this drone does not come with an inbuilt camera it still gives users a sense of satisfaction because of the quality output the drone posses when cameras are attached. Also, it makes a better drone at gaming aspect.



7  Parrot Bebop 2

Parrot Bebop 2

Taking it from the review of people that have purchased and engaged the Parrot Bebop 2 drone, we can say that this drone is a very good one. Owing to the fact that the drone is strongly built, it makes it function very well. The Parrot Bebop 2 has amazingly strong motors that allows the drone to fly higher altitudes with utmost easiness. The main feature of this drone is its range. Considering the flight timing as well, we can conclude that this drone is built in order to impress users and make them enjoy the best out of many other drones. The Parrot drone is designed with a bright LED light in the rear. This light allowed much more improved visibility.

More about Parrot Bebop 2 Drone

Parrot Bebop 2: Features

  • It is a ready-to-fly drone
  • It streams real-time video to a smartphone companion app
  • It has 4 MP 1080p video recording capability
  • 1 Km RC radius, probably even more but video streaming deteriorates after an initial range
  • 3-axis digital stabilization capability that offers a fixed angle of view which is revolutionary for a drone so you don’t lose its orientation
  • The drone is being controlled with the help of smartphone or the sky controller
  • Flight time: Up to 25 minutes of flying time
Pros Cons
  • Best range with the Sky controller
  • Great for beginners
  • Stunning camera that is one of the best in this range
  • Highest battery timings in drone under $500
  • Fish-eye lens for better navigation
  • No sky controller remote and that is very expensive
  • Controls don’t work well with smartphone app or other controllers so price has to be jacked
  • Near the upper limit of price range
  • Wi-Fi signal tends to drop 


Out of the many drones that is categorized with the drones under 500, the Parrot Bebop drone is pretty impressive with it beautiful features and handling techniques. It is strongly built and therefore encourages users to fly it with more confidence.



8  Force1 F100 Ghost GoPro-Compatible Quadcopter


This Quadcopter is one of the drones that is categorized under standard drones. This reason for this is because the Force1 F100 Ghost GoPro-Compatible Quadcopter is capable of a GoPro. The drone is an ideal GoPro-compatible drone for people who are interested in aerial photography and videos. It is quite uncommon to have a clear audio recording with many drones, however, on the part of this special drone, audios and images are both clear even when the control settings are set to high.

Force1 F100 Ghost GoProFeatures

  • Ready-to-fly
  • Compatible with GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 4 mounted cameras
  • Powerful brushless motors for better control
  • Flight time: Up to 15 minutes of flight time
  • Flight range: 300m distance range
Pros Cons
  • The drone comes with a bonus battery to double user’s flight time
  • It has High and Low speed modes ideal for photos and videos
  • Performs 360° stunts and flips
  • It does not come with any distinctive or useful features
  • Not very durable
  • Controller’s start sequence can be iffy 


This drone among other stands out based on the fact that it is capable of incorporating a GoPro. Users in most cases prefer flying this type of drone and many of they end up recommending it to many others.



 9  UpAir One Drone


The UPair One Drone is a mid-range drone. It a cool drone with a noticeable bright and huge LED screen controller. The drone is almost like a portable console and it feels really good when handled. The Upair drone is friendly in nature and motivate users in getting attached to it. In order to satisfy lovers of Upair One drone, the machine is being packaged with more than eleven items which makes the drone look more amazing and intimidating. Also, we must note that unlike many other drones, the battery that comes with the Upair One drone is bigger. With this, the flight time per charge is not at all impressive with a maximum of eighteen minutes time being touted by the supplier which likely mean around fifteen minutes when it comes to the aspect of practice. The drone is built in a U-shape, therefore, the shape it has forms its fuselage which is therefore maximized to link to better video shooting capability and GPS features.

UpAir One DroneFeatures

  • The Upair drone is built in as a ready-to-fly drone
  • It has gimbal and camera included
  • There is an inclusion of FPV monitor
  • PVC composite construction
  • One-click return feature
  • Flight time: Up to 18 minutes of flight time
  • Flight range: 800m (2624 feet) maximum flying range
  • Camera sensors: Max live video transmission is 500 meters or 1640 feet
Pros Cons
  • The drone comes packed with accessories that include several items many other manufacturers charge extra
  • It has a great remote control with nice LED display
  • FPV capability
  • Battery overcharging avoidable
  • No-auto return feature so it can easily fall dead to the ground
  • Camera’s performance is a big question mark and you cannot change it or tinker with it
  • Battery timing really average
  • Battery cycles are a suspect



 10  Yuneec Breeze

Yuneec Breeze

The Yuneec Breeze is a type of drone which is specially built to encourage the selfie game. With this put in place, the drone earned the name “the flying camera”. It however has a whole lot of outstanding built ups that singles this drone out among many other drones. The drone is designed for the best video experience however because it has a stunning 13 MP 4K video recording capability which is smart enough to shoot incredible videos and also capture beautiful pictures. For the sake of direct and quality output the drone has been endowed with a special focus for the media capture process. Also, the drone comes with a wonderful indoor positioning system which hinders it from crashing into the ceiling or any nearby objects whenever the drone is used to film or capture still images.

Yuneec Breeze: Features

  • Ready-to-fly RC drone
  • 4K stunning camera performance
  • Automated flying modes
  • Streams video through
  • Controlled via smartphone app but you can also check out the new controller but that will cost you a little extra
  • Connects through Wi-Fi
  • Flight time: 12 minutes flying time
  • Camera sensors: 12 MP cameras
Pros Cons
  • Stunning camera experience
  • Well-designed automated features
  • Incredibly lightweight so you can hold it around with ease
  • Indoor positioning system makes it a good choice for indoor photography and flying experience
  • $375 for a great video drone
  • Poor battery timing which is literally half than its competitors that are not classified as video drones
  • No controller and has to be controlled via smartphone
  • Connectivity issues reported by many customers
  • App updates have been an issue with some causing the drone to malfunction


This drone is beautifully made for both beginners and experts. It is targeting at easing the stress on drone pilots and also to serve other several purposes, most especially its indoor attributes


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