Yuneec Breeze: The Flying Selfie-Stick and A Drone of the future

Yuneec Breeze: The Flying Selfie-Stick and A Drone of the future

The Yuneec Breeze flying camera or drone has been specifically designed for the beginners as well as novices. It comes with a flying camera and is popularly known as the flying Selfie-Stick. Basically, the drone allows you to capture all the precious moments through an aerial view for the daily adventures. You may either capture pictures or videos. Also, the drone offers for a high-quality 4K Ultra High Definition quality and offers the 13-megapixel option. The drone is compact and convenient to use. You have the complete access to control the Yuneec Breeze camera by installing the Breeze Cam app into the iOS and Android phone.

The Breeze will be able to work effectively both indoors and outdoors. Thus, it can use easily for any prominent occasion.  Breeze has Indoor Positioning Sensors (IPS) which utilizes the textures of the ground to hold on to the position. Breeze can effectively record the accurate centimeter on an altitude basis because of the presence of infrared sensors. Thus, Yuneec Breeze allows easy use and other incredible features which can be used by the recorders.

Yuneec Breeze Quick Review

The Breeze enables you to capture the day to day life. It can capture your selfies in the perfect 4K mode. The drone is loaded with all the essential features with definitely makes the drone one for the future. The design and structure of the drone are pretty compact. However, you will have to use the Breeze Cam app to enable the drone and control it through the phone. The price of the Yuneec Breeze 4K drone is pretty reasonable.

Yuneec Breeze Modes


It comes with five flight modes, so the customer can capture the moments accordingly. The five modes that allow you to control the drone include

Pilot: Users have the most use and accessibility by the Pilot mode. Just by utilizing the normal two-stick R/C control, the drone can be flown anywhere by handling the control through the Breeze Cam app.

Selfie: As mentioned earlier, the drone allows the selfie feature which can click selfies even if you don’t have any previous flying experience. Nonetheless, you will be required to adjust the drone’s position by managing the height, distance, and position sliders.

Orbit: Will the orbit mode, you can allow the Breeze to revolve or orbit around you and any other object. You will need to handle and give proper direction to the drone in order to make it orbit. You can make it go right, left and even pause it.

Journey: Basically for the journey mode, the interface of the selfie mode is used so that the drone can be easily positioned. The distance of flight will be determined by the camera, but the distance of how far it will go will be adjusted by the camera.

Follow me: As the name suggests, in the Follow me mode you can control the drone manually and enable it to follow you. The Breeze will react to your movements once you set up the overall positioning. Then, it will effectively move on to follow you.

Once you capture all your videos, selfies and images sharing them in social media become pretty easy. You can upload all the details in your social media account while still staying in touch with the interface of the app.

Yuneec Breeze 4K Specifications

  1. What makes the drone one from the future is its massive specifications.The following are main prominent features and specifications.
  2. 4K mind-blowing pictures and videos
  3. The Yuneec Breeze drone with 4K camera enables to capture the stunning 4K pictures and video in ultra-high definition quality.
  4. Easy to use
  5. There are other drones which require the user to have minimum experience of flying in order to operate it. In the Breeze drone, you don’t need to have any previous experience to operate it. Just by manually handling through the phone you can capture dramatic aerial group video and photos.
  6. Safe to fly
  7. Be it outdoors or indoors, and you can still operate it easily by holding on the position.
  8. Portable and light
  9. As far as the design is concerned, it is pretty compact and can be easily carried anywhere. It also has foldable propellers, so you can as well choose to place them in a box and take them along with you.
  10. Social media download

If you own an iOS or Android device, you can download the Breeze Cam app and operate the drone accordingly. The app will allow you to capture pictures and edit photos and videos. You can effectively share them to your social media accounts.

What is the Yuneec Breeze Box?

  • When you receive the packaging for the drone on order, you will receive the following things.
  • TheYuneec Breeze 4K drone camera
  • Propeller protection to ensure the flights indoor
  • 5” protective carrying case
  • Two LiPo batteries or the specifications 3S 11.1V 1150 mAh.

The goggles and the controllers have been introduced recently; thus they do not form a part of the original packaging kit. Nonetheless, if you want to own them, you need to purchase it separately. You can check for the goggles on the shopping sites and determine what is best for you. Nonetheless, for the controller, you need to have an idea about its design. This will enable you to have control over the flying mode. Also, you will get other options for this when you’re moving to the pilot mode approach for the Breeze drone.

Yuneec Breeze Design and Durability

Yuneec Breeze Design and Durability

Plastic has been used for designing the Yuneec Breeze drone. It is white in color. The weight of the drone is 385g which is pretty light making it easy to carry from one place to another. Also, the dimensions of the drone are measured to be 196x65x196mm. Therefore, you can easily put it in a box and ensure safe storage.

Although it is made of plastic, the drone can survive the external conditions too. This is because the drone has been designed for outdoor usage. The drone is bestowed with all the necessary features and design which make it easy to capture videos and images outdoors. You can even opt for taking great outdoor portrait photos.

Before using, experts have often tested the drone to check for the durability. The drone has proven to be durable in the test after surviving quite a few beatings. The propellers can be easily removed to ensure minimal damage. This further ensures that the drone is protected from overall damage.

Initially, on your first look, the Yuneec Breeze 4K drone will appear to be soft. Nonetheless, it is actually pretty durable despite the fact that it is made of plastic. You may consider avoiding the drones made of plastic, but you should definitely give this one a chance.

Camera of Yuneec Breeze

The camera of Yuneec Breeze makes it surpass its competitors. It has several features that make you get the right shot. The maximum resolution for the camera stands to be at 4K. Thus you will have the option of capturing 30 pictures in one second. At the 720p mode, the drone will Co about 120 frames per second. In the 1080 mode, 60 frames will be covered each second. Nonetheless, it would still be capturing the 13-megapixel shot.

The camera will swivel on the up as well as the downside. Nonetheless, you will need to command in that case or even automatically. This usually depends on which feature you will be using. It can come up for a field of 117 degrees. Nonetheless, you won’t have access to stabilize the on feature when you’re using the 4K feature. Thus, it only works on the 720p and 1080p mode.

Yuneec Breeze 4K Battery and Flight Time

As mentioned earlier, the Yuneec Breeze drone with the 4K camera comes with two LiPo batteries or 3S 11.1 V 1159 mAh power. For the flying time, the camera can last about 12 to 15 minutes. This, however, is one of the considerable drawbacks. Since the drone has been designed to capture videos and images, for quite some time, it should have been having a long durable battery life.

Another drawback includes the battery takes a long time to be recharged. It needs the time of 40 minutes. Thus, the battery requires high maintenance. While the batteries of the other drones can be easily charged in no time.

You may need to determine how smooth the camera functions which is why you should first check the reviews before making your actual move.

Yuneec Breeze Controller

The Yuneec Breeze controller has been specifically designed to bring about a unique handling experience for piloting and flying. Initially, you need to have control over the drone through the Breeze Cam app available in your smartphones. But will the introduction of the controllers, you can have more easy access. The controller allows you to have more control over the camera.

You can easily control the flight of the Yuneec Breeze 4K drone. You can either use the joysticks or simply capture the photos, record videos and enable it all by just a few clicks.

The Yuneec Breeze Controller remembers the PlayStation Controller because it looks like that of a gaming console. You can use Bluetooth to connect it to your phone. This would allow you to have control over the drone through buttons and joysticks. You can also use the Breeze Cam app available for iOS and Android devices.

After you connect it to your phone, your phone will turn into the display screen and can be utilized in the Normal and FPV mode. The distance for the controller is regarded to be 100m while the battery you will need to exercise control needs to be 600mA.

The specifications for controlling the Yuneec Breeze 4K include

  • Flies in Normal as well as FPV mode with the introduction of the FPV flight mode.
  • Easily control and fly the Yuneec Breeze drone by having access over the physical controls.
  • The image transition of 720p FPV.
  • The controller js pretty affordable and you can purchase it from Amazon or Yuneec’s official website.

Yuneec Breeze Flight Performance

The Yuneec Breeze allows you to capture pictures at the medium distance. The flight performance for the drone is limited to prevent it from any substantial crashing damage. You need to use the controllers and app both yo have a great experience.

The horizontal speed of the drone is limited to 5m per second while 11m per hour. As far as ascending is concerns, it can over 1m in one second or 2.2m in an hour. The maximum range of the drone is regarded to be 100m or 0.06mile.

Although it has a limited flight experience, it is surely a great one. The Follow Me mode for the flight is one amazing experience. The drone would keep a record on the Bluetooth signature.

Yuneec Breeze 4K Price and Guarantee

Yuneec Breeze 4K Price and Guarantee

Undoubtedly, Yuneec Breeze drone with a 4K camera is an amazing one. What makes it more attractive is its price deal. Despite that fact it can still be improved. The price usually depends on whether you are purchasing from online or offline stores. Breeze does not come with any listed guarantee for the time being, but it would surely have one in the future.


  • The drone can be easily flown
  • It is lightweight and has a compact size thereby making it easy to carry in the portable protective case
  • The videos and images are of high-quality ultra-definition


  • The absence of the image stabilization feature can produce shaky images and videos
  • The rotor cannot be easily replaced
  • Pre-programmed moves have a certain limitation by which you need to abide
  • The price of the battery is quite much making it pretty expensive


Despite the drawbacks, Yuneec Breeze does have a lot of mind-blowing features that are to make it the drone of future. The drone is something that you will like to fly. This elegant yet simple drone is something to look forward to. This happens to be the perfect choice for drone hobbyist. If you want great selfies, you can give the drone a shot.