8 Best Goggles 2019 with Complete Review

8 Best Goggles 2019 with Complete Review

Ever wondered, how it will feel if you could control your flying device by viewing and just gesturing from another area? Radio control or auto control is perhaps one of the most popular and happening innovations that have changed the face of the gadgets. One of the wonders of the radio controlled gadget is First Person View Goggles or FPV Goggles. You are aware now that the auto flying drones are slowly replacing the manually driven flying device.

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Go and fly high from your own corner

Still, someone needs to keep a monitor on the flying device least it should cause dysfunction. That is where FPV Goggles comes to rescue. It is like a remote controller often fixed on the eye, where you can view the visual surrounding of your flying object. Depending upon the surrounding of the flying entity, you can control the device by gesture or set up the frequency. You can control via gestures and determine the positioning of your drone. The position and movement are monitored efficiently via wireless transmission. In short, you can have the first person view of the drone that you are flying from your own comfortable space.

For all the novice and the professional drone pilots or racers, it is essential to buy the best FPV goggles. Depending on your choice, you can efficiently improvise the movement and navigation of your device. So before you buy your favorite FPV goggles, do go through the detailed review of the top goggles. These brands are right now ruling the market and choice of the customers worldwide. Hope it will help you to make a correct decision.

The compilation of all new FPV Goggles for you to choose excellently

 1  Dominator Fatshark  V3 Googles V3

The champion of flawless aerial viewing is in the room! With full angle view in the flying range, grab the affordable digital video just at your doorstep. Fatshark with its Dominator model is currently dominating the top position of all the best FPV goggles right now available in the market. The modular and contemporary design will surely catch your attention as soon as you glance at it. The pilots will remain stress-free as it will automatically transmit and customize the module of the receiver. It fits perfectly on any shape of the head trackers giving a compact smoothness in viewing. You can now easily record the FPV footage with the help of the DVR that is there on the assortment. You can also surf through the modular bay and go through the recordings anytime. The Dominator is also equipped with an analog receiver for video and head tracker of Trinity. Move your drone by moving your head! The high-quality image capturing of 720p is perhaps the main USP of the goggles with 16:9 WVGA image ratio.


  • Adjustable IPD Range of 59 mm to 69 mm.
  • The display size of 800 x 480 WVGA display.
  • Head Tracker Bay.
  • Receiver Modular Bay.
  • The optimum power consumption of 3.6 W.
  • 720p supported HDMI-compliant.
  • Auto selection.
  • 3 dimensional side view.


Do not worry about the cost. For the service and the feature that it provides within single go can prove to be your best investment on FPV Goggles.

Pros Cons
  • Easy to use for both pro and casual pilots.
  • Super quality video view.
  • Smooth analog and digital transmitter.
  • Presence of flexible battery option.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • The smooth sensor was working.
  • A bit heavier for amateur users.


For all the pilots who have started flying drones, learning to fly drones or is a professional drone pilot, this goggles could be your best pick. Regarding service, longevity, and durability, the goggle is right now unbeatable and internationally acclaimed.



2  Avegant Glyph

Have you ever wondered what it is like to own a personal and wearable theater or video viewer? Presenting you the most popular Best Racing FPV Goggles from the house of Avegant! At first look, it will look like an ordinary headset listening song. However, do not go by the looks and it is much more than a headphone. Otherwise, this would have found its place on this list! Coming back to the description, the first thing that will catch your attention is its display technology. It uses DLP projector for realistic viewing rather than opting for eye panels. That is why you will be catered with the crystal and precise image with the assortment. It makes use of the 720p which do not much affect the quality of the video.  The pilots can quickly adjust the lenses, and a nose guard ensures that the goggle stays at the right place. You can also make use of the headband for improving in the head. The video transmission occurs via micro-HDMI cable.


  • 40-degree FOV view.
  • Micro mirrors with the 1280 x 720p retinal image.
  • Nine-axis IMU head tracker.
  • 2060 mAh battery.
  • Cable was supporting the streaming in Smartphone.
  • 16:9 aspect ratios.
  • Four hours battery life.


Though it comes with a considerable amount of price tag, yet its usage from the flying to racing purpose is indispensable. The multiple applications will definitely make you buy this one.

Pros Cons
  • Sharp and crystal image.
  • Quality sound clarity.
  • Modulation of lenses according to viewing capacity.
  • Can be used by anyone apart from the pilot or racer.
  • Micro HDMI cable is connectable to smartphone and laptop.
  • A bit heavy.
  • Need more battery life.


The best thing about the assortment is that even if you are not a pilot, you can buy them for the personal viewing of movie and contents. The innovative idea will definitely be useful for all the racers, pilots and movie buffs.



3  Fatshark V5 Head tracker Video 5.8G

Yet another from the house of Fatshark, his affordable and easily accessible Best Beginner FPV Goggles is a must have for every individual who is looking for Best Beginner FPV Goggles. You can be assured about the quality in spite of its lightweight. Its optimum weight is the reason why the assortment is the current rage among the fresher. The first and foremost thing is the presence of the active head strap. This game-changing accessory ensures that you will be able to wear it without the worry of getting down. The navigation and viewing buttons are just at the center of the goggles. With the bright and precise screen view and head tracking, you just need to move your head, and your drone will be under your control. Equipped with the antenna and camera, this is the real one assortment that you will definitely love to buy.


  • Specialized camera for image and video capturing.
  • Spiro Fatshark Antenna.
  • Head Strap.
  • Head Tracking.
  • 25 degrees field view.
  • QVGA Resolution display.
  • 2 Axis Odof.
  • 5 GHz receiver.

Price: The price is pretty reasonable about the fact that you are at the beginner level. The quality of the transmission and cameras will make it worth buying.

Pros Cons
  • Long lasting and durable.
  • Optimum weight for the beginners.
  • Spiro Net antenna for better navigation.
  • Separate FPV camera for excellent capture.
  • A bit narrow view.
  • Have to buy separate RC charger.

Conclusion: The goggles come up with a protective covering that will help you to go for the device. For all the beginners who are looking for n affordable option, do not hesitate and buy the assortment for you.



4  SkyZone SKY03

Now take a look at the new kid in the block. The name of Skylark is right now giving competition to other big weights of Goggles manufacturing brands. You can now quickly grab a compatible Best Connex HD or DJI FPV Goggles with 3D image display and capturing to the fullest. You can change from both 2D and 3D display mode easily. The gadget is so easy to use that even kids can use them. The wireless system of the receiver is well-equipped with the mechanism that makes it perfectly suitable for using it with any kind of drone or transmitter. It can support an incredible figure of 48 channels with six bands. With so much to ask for, this product is definitely worth grabbing at the slightest chance.


  • Field view of 43 degrees.
  • Supported DVR, HDMI, and AV for both IN and OUT.
  • Dual front camera.
  • 800 x 600 resolution SVGA display of binocular-like clarity.
  • 3D camera.
  • 8G Hz transmitter.
  • LED light effect.
  • DVR System.


The price compared to the other big brands is much lesser. If you are looking for an excellent FPV Goggles regarding specifications without a considerable pocket pinch, then you can go for it blindly.

Pros Cons
  • Can support numerous bands and channels.
  • LED light transmission.
  • Head tracking.
  • Integrated Antenna for the better signal.
  • Easy and sleek design.
  • Attractive Interface.
  • The excessive lightweight needs careful handling.
  • The charge goes too fast.
  • Some of the features need manual setting.


Regarding service and the reliability, the goggles are really worth buying. With so much to look for and a large number of the scope of recording, sky zone is giving tough competition both regarding budget and the innovative features.

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5  Eachine 5 Inches EV800

Yet another new face in the market, the Eachine is right now ranked as one of the most affordable best FPV goggles available internationally. You can now make use of both FPV display monitor and separately as goggles thanks to the unique customization technology. These specifications will prove beneficial if you want to practice flying. You will be able to view the FPV perspective while you fly the drone. Regarding the display, you are getting a generous amount of 5 inches screen with 2000 mAh battery. This battery can run up to 3.5 hours non-stop. In case the battery got exhausted, then you can also use any external power source without any worry. Equipped with the antenna connector and easy to use channel and function button, you can have a thought about incorporating this one into your kitty.


  • Both 140 and 120, horizontal and vertical view respectively.
  • 5 hours long battery life.
  • Whooping 2000 mAh battery.
  • LCD brightness of 800 x 480 pixy views.
  • 3x zoom.
  • Adjustable double head strap.
  • Tripods mount for user customization.


Eachine EV800 s considered to be one of the cheapest and most reliable devices that are right now ruling the market of FPV goggles. Regarding the service and price it is providing, no other manufacturer can be even close to it.

Pros Cons
  • The only assortment is providing dual usage of both the goggles and FPV free-standing monitor.
  • The most affordable one.
  • Whooping battery life.
  • Matte screen for preventing glare.
  • Crystal clear picture.
  • Head Strap which is hugely adjustable.
  • A bit heavy.
  • The absence of separate DVR.
  • The absence of foam in the strap can hurt the head.


For all those who are first tie shopper of FPV Goggles, Eachine will definitely not disappoint you. One of the only products with so many modes and customizations, this one could be the right choice if you are into the flawless experience.



6  Aomway Commanders

If you are looking for some more unique feature concerning effective and innovative specifications, then Aomway Commanders could perfectly suit your taste.  Considered to be one of the best sellers, these goggles have seen some high demand regarding the sale. While unboxing, the one thing you will notice that the assortment have a matte finish that will help you to assemble it smoothly. The device is equipped with joystick capable of five-fold position. The invention also comes with DVR which strongly touches-based interface. It will help you to auto-record and manipulate without any worry. Head Tracker ensures that you will get your drone to move just y moving your head.


  • 32-degree field view.
  • Slot for Diopter lenses.
  • 3D support side by side.
  • LCD of 854 x 480.
  • Distance adjustment feature.


Considering the features that are laden in the device, you can see that the price is precisely set at the mid-budget range. Definitely a worth buying with all the features.

Pros Cons
  • Support external battery.
  • Diverse channel support.
  • Presence of full SD card slot.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Supporting all the DJI and Connex system of FPV.
  • The module is not of adequate size.
  • The antenna has a bad patch.
  • Narrow FOV.


If you are looking for right value money investment, then the device can prove to be a beneficial one. Features like OSD menu, DVR and multiple band support that were previously found in the high budget goggles, can be easily found here. The ease of access and the navigation at the center is the quirkiest features that will definitely make this you’re favorite.



7  Head Play HD

Yet another in the department of the best FPV goggles, you can always go for the sleek and stylish looking goggles. With compelling viewing at 72 degrees, you can also ace up your style game with this fresh and quirky pair of goggles. Take a quick look at the cool features.


  • Field view of 72 degrees.
  • Screen resolution of 1280 x 800 megapixels.
  • Supports 40 channels.
  • The receiver of 5.8 GHz.
  • Aspect Ratio of 16:9.


The price is quite low owing to the fact it is easily accessible both online and offline. You can go for it if you have a limited budget.

Pros Cons
  • Crystal Clear View.
  • Long lasting battery life.
  • Multiple support of channel.
  • Long lasting charge.
  • Do not have head tracking.
  • Do not have DVR.
  • Do not have padded head strap.


In the end, it is up to you regarding the purpose of your goggles. If you are looking for a lightweight task like small excavation, search and find operation, then this one is enough to suit your purpose.

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8  Boscam GS922

Lastly, the FPV goggles from the Boscam are really reliable regarding speed, navigation, popularity, and effectiveness. Looking for a crisp and clear image? Boscam will serve you as a boss with 30-degree field view and one of the most precise pictures in the price range. One unique feature makes it stand out from the crowd. That is it can automatically tune to the channels depending upon the strength and requirement.


  • The channel of 32.
  • 8 GHz receiver.
  • Head Tracking feature.
  • 16:9 ratio.
  • Field View of the 30-degree angle.


Price of the Boscam is relatively less compared to the goggles available in the market.

Pros Cons
  • Long lasting battery life.
  • Slot for Diopter lenses.
  • Head Strap which is hugely adjustable.
  • Not very durable.
  • The head strap tends to lose strength with the passing of time.


The assortment is really helpful if you are learning it newly. You can definitely go for it with so many features and high-end innovative aspects.



Wait! Keep these things in your mind for a mind-blowing purchase

  • There are two ways that you can go for the FPV purchase. You can either buy the preassembled one, or you can make your own one. If you are a first timer, or if you do not have much time to spare, then you can always go for the Built-in FPV technology equipped drones. In this way, you will get a readymade setup without having to worry yourself.
  • Generally, when you go to buy FPV, you will be given two options- between FPV Goggles and FPV display. In the words of flying expert, the goggles are highly recommended. Reason being, with goggles you will have better clarity and immersion improving your flight.
  • Even after buying the goggles, it is recommended to keep a constant check in the updates available for the perfect choice of antenna. That is because; an antenna will be able to give you the desired range and capacity in the long run.
  • Lastly, while flying always keep in mind the laws regulating the radio controlled flight in the area. Often particular laws govern an area for managing and monitoring the miles for which an individual can operate a flight. Keep in mind of those laws and have happy flying experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do you need FPV Goggles?

The immersive viewing experience and the first-hand clarity is the reason that pilots are opting for FPV Goggles. You can sit in one distance and fly the drone with the feeling that you are actually on board. Depending on the type of Goggles you are buying, you will get to experience one screen or two screens full crystal clear viewing experience. In this way, as a pilot or racer, you can easily avoid all the obstacles and fly your favorite drone seamlessly.

  • What is the ‘pocket-pinch’ of the assortment?

There are many mid-budget cool FPV goggles available in the market right now giving a good competition to all high-end brands available. Now, openly speaking, you cannot expect to get a quality one if you keep your budget less than $50. Moreover, you are wearing your goggles on your eyes that will help you in navigation. That means you need to give an excellent investment to your goggles. This one is going to stay with you for a long time. So it is advisable to start at least looking from the mid-budget to high budget instead of going for the lower price segment.

  • How to assure that you will get a good transmission of the footage?

To assure an excellent transmission, always opt for the device that comes with the built-in feature concerning the diversity. Diversity receiver can handle more than one video receiver actively. Diversity receiver can automatically choose the best signal and will ensure the quality video link. Thus it will provide accurate video and audio clarity.