Hubsan X4 H107D FPV Review

Hubsan X4 H107D FPV Review


Drone racing is a thrilling new sport wherever pilots send high-powered drones careening around courses at high speed, sometimes bally stunningly. The drones the professionals use are not low cost, cost accounting lots of or thousands of bucks. fortuitously, the recognition of drones implies that you do not ought to pay that abundant to induce a style of drone racing: a drone just like the Hubsan X4 H107D FPV is sweet enough to examine if you have got what it takes to be king of the drone track.
This speedy drone encompasses a ton of power and maneuverability, packed into a little case that’s low cost to repair once you crash (and you will). The quadcopter encompasses a tiny camera on board, and a screen on the controller shows the video for a first-person read (FPV) from the drone. For the total athletics expertise, the controller additionally includes a video output thus you’ll connect it to associate FPV receiver, that very causes you to want you are pod athletics on Tatooine.

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Hubsan X4 H107D: Design

wonderful Hubsan X4
Hubsan X4

The  4.7 x 4.6 x 1.25-inch X4 is little, however, the compact plastic case packs a 380mAh metallic element chemical compound battery, a tiny low camera, and 2 radios — a pair of.4-GHz radio that connects the drone and also the controls and a five.8-GHz radio that beams the video preview to the pilot.
The quadcopter feels terribly dense, weighing 1.5 ounces once it’s able to fly. the top of every arm homes a motor additionally as blue and red crystal rectifier lights that indicate the orientation of the drone. These lights indicate the standing of the drone, additionally as assist you to realize it in low light-weight. once the drone is connecting to the controller, the front blue LEDs blink.once the drone is prepared to fly, all of the LEDs are solidly lit. once the battery is running low, all of the LEDs begin to blink as a warning that you simply have to be compelled to land.
The lens of the camera sits on the front of the body. It captures low-resolution 720 x 240-pixel video or 2-megapixel stills. The battery fits onto the rear of the drone body, slippy between the electronic elements. there’s no on/off switch for the drone: you power the X4 on by connecting the battery cable, unplugging that cable to show it off.
Four 2.2-inch rotor blades match right onto the motors, command in situ by friction. the 2 orientations of the rotor are indicated by letters on the blades themselves: A for right-handed and B for counter-clockwise. Some drones that use a decent fitting instead of a bolt or screw tend to lose their rotor blades once they pop off throughout crashes. that did not happen with the X4; the rotors stayed on the various times I crashed the drone.
If you’re involved concerning the rotors injuring somebody or one thing, associate enclosed prop guard with a protecting plastic rail fits onto the motors. except for serious racers, this may produce some serious drag on your speed.
The X4 is little and lightweight enough that it does not have to be compelled to be registered with the bureau. the little size and weight additionally make it comparatively safe, as it’s unlikely to injure anyone if it flies out of management.

Hubsan X4 H107D: Controller

superb Hubsan X4
Hubsan X4

The controller that comes with the X4 is very giant compared to the drone itself. At about 7.5 x 6.25 x three inches deep, the controller may be a sizable chunk of plastic to hold around. however, not like the drone, the 1-pound controller feels lightweight for the dimensions, like it is the generally empty area. It’s contoured to suit within the hand, with 2 grips on the rear. that is necessary, because, while not realizing it, you tend to throw the controller around lots once flying at speed, particularly once mistreatment associate FPV telephone receiver.
The main feature of the controller may be a giant four.3-inch LCD, that shows each the video preview and flight data like the battery level of each the quadcopter and therefore the controller. It additionally displays a timer for the way long the controller has been turned on and offers access to the on-screen menu of settings. The screen encompasses a fairly low resolution, however, it’s bright and remains visible all told, however, the brightest direct daylight.
You access the settings menu by pressing the proper stick sure a second. That brings up options like video playback, stick sensitivity and orientation and controller/quadcopter frequency. The latter is vital if area unit|you’re} at a contest or are sharing an area with alternative fliers because it means every pilot will choose a special frequency within the five.8-GHz waveband that the X4 uses to send video back to the controller.
On the proper aspect of the controller, you will find a microSD slot, used for recording photos and video, however, you will have to bring your own card. The X4 will record video to SD, SDXC, and HDSC cards up to 32GB in capability. The low-resolution video captured by the X4 means that little file sizes, therefore memory card capability is not a serious issue: a 4GB card may hold many hours of video. On the left aspect of the controller area unit ports for outputting associated analog audio and video to feed into an FPV telephone receiver.

Hubsan X4 H107D: Flying

marketable Hubsan X4
Hubsan X4

There is plenty of power within the X4, that interprets into speed and mobility. however even supposing the drone will reach speeds of up to ten mph, its power remains largely below your management since the quadcopter responds quickly to the management sticks. The sensitivity level for these ranges from traditional to professional, with the latter creating the controls a lot of sensitive, thus any slight twitch of the management sticks can lead to the drone moving. The controller defaults to the traditional setting.
Pressing the left joystick sets the X4 into the flip mode, wherever moving the correct stick can create the quadcopter flip in the indicated direction. Like most tiny drones, this maneuver needs an honest quantity of house, because it wants a minimum of five to six feet of vertical house to recover. strive it any below that, and therefore the drone can seemingly crash. Pressing the left stick in once more exits the flip mode.

Hubsan X4 H107D: Photos & Video 

fabulous Hubsan X4
Hubsan X4

The X4 captures each photo and video, however, you mustn’t expect much: the video is low in each resolution and quality. The drone records footage at 720 x 240 pixels, a rather nonstandard resolution, and is very muzzy and soft. (Think cellular phone video from many years past.) The video is additionally liable to glitches caused by signal loss or interruptions, that show up as black lines on the preview, or the occasional jump within the usually swish video preview.
We found that the video preview was principally reliable intent on concerning twenty-five to thirty feet away, which supplies you a good quantity of area to fly in. Any farther than that, though, and also the video begins to interrupt up, quickly turning into unviewable. costlier sports drones supply larger ranges, because of a lot of powerful video transmitters.
One attention-grabbing and a weird feature is that the X4’s ability to replay video on the controller, that you’ll be able to do from the on-screen menu. this might be helpful if you’re active a maneuver and need to work out what went wrong, or if you bought it right and need to indicate it off.
Because of that 720 x 240-pixel resolution, the video will need some process before you’ll be able to edit or transfer it to the net. though the footage appearance fine on screen (or through associate degree FPV headset), clips you watch at once the memory card look squished since it’s [*fr1] the same old vertical resolution. A program like Freemake Video device will quickly fix this, doubling the vertical resolution to a lot of usual 480 pixels to supply a picture that appears sort of a high-definition TV image. you are not possible to mistake this for video from a costlier HD-camera-equipped drone, though.

Hubsan X4 H107D: Battery Life

The X4 does not have associate particularly long battery life: we tend to measure it at regarding vi minutes. that is a handful minute keep of most different little drones. however the little Li chemical compound battery holds simply 380mAh of juice, so is not an enormous surprise.
When the battery is running low, all the crystal rectifier lights on the quadcopter begin to flash, and you’ve got regarding twenty seconds before the motors can cut out and also the quadcopter can land (or crash, reckoning on wherever you are). These batteries square measure low cost and wide out there, though, complete with a charger that may handle four quickly. The X4 comes with a USB charging cable and one battery, that takes regarding half-hour to recharge from a typical USB port.

Hubsan X4 H107D: Repairability & Parts

Are available and easy to replace. All of the components are pretty cheap.

The Main Features of Hubsan X4 H107D

This drone is formed from exhausting plastic and soft rubber body. The airfoils area unit created out of plastic whereas the rotor blade motor is formed of metal. this can be to extend the sturdiness of the merchandise. The soft rubber material saves the drone from associated severe injury caused because of an accidental collision with any flooring. This conjointly consists of engaging semiconductor diode lights that provides it a pretty glow once flown in the dark during a dark area. This drone is manned by a distant radio controller that has buttons for dynamic directions, acceleration, and brakes in order that the user is absolved to maneuver it the manner he desires. The remote controller receives transmissions from the HD camera present on the drone, and also the transmission distance is roughly a hundred meters. the simplest half is that the reversible battery and a USB cable and port to charge the batteries. just the once charged battery provides you 20-40 minutes of flight time for the drone.

Hubsan X4 H107D: Advantages & Disadvantages


•  The major advantage of this model is the small size and lightweight, its dimensions
being 2.7 x 2.7 x 1 inches and weighing about 1.1 pounds.
•  Ability to fly stable even in windy weather conditions and it can be flown indoors as well as outdoors with equal ease.
•  The durability of its make gives an added advantage to the chances of causing major damage to the drone are really low.
•  Marvelous LED lights which give it an amazing look when flown at night can never be missed.
•  Survives hard crashes
•  Very agile
•  Inexpensive and spare parts available
•  It is attractive, tons of excitement to hover as well as a learning adventure.
•  It might be the tiniest quadcopter available currently that could be experiencing with FPV,and finally.
•  Good performance


•  The main disadvantage is the transmission distance that it will little– solely one hundred meters – sounds somewhat low for all the enthusiasts as they’ll not be ready to man their drones on the far side that height.
•  Short flight times
•  Difficult to grasp professional mode or Difficult to grasp professional mode
•  Charging cable is a bit sloppy and may create a short
•  The battery can be relatively hard to insert and remove, and finally
•  Recorded footage codec requires being “converted” to watch on the personal computer (PC).


The Hubsan X4 H107D is what those within the drone circuit decision ready-to-fly (RTF), as a result of it is not designed to be tweaked and it makes for a decent set of coaching wheels for starting pilots. Overall, it is a ton of fun to fly, providing serious speed and maneuverability in a very tiny, low-cost package. Spare components square measure low cost, that is vital for a drone like this that’s planning to crash lots. The video quality can do for capturing your races in a very first-person read, however, do not expect crisp footage.
If you would like sparkling video quality, splurge on a drone just like the DJI Phantom four. however if you would like a drone that enables you to expertise the thrill of racing without laying out a fortune, the Hubsan X4 is that the right way to go.



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