Get to know Top 10 Heavy Lift Drones Available in Market

Get to know Top 10 Heavy Lift Drones Available in Market

Heavy Lift Drones That Can Carry Weights are very fairly common because of its nature of businesses involvement. Luckily, the modern technology has widely developed now, where drones are no longer being normal fragile aircraft. Nowadays, drones have become very useful in the new arena like movie making, for the search and rescue operations, and are also capable of lifting very high payload items. Drones are now capable of navigating through different areas such as cities that includes sweeping landscapes and skyscrapers like canyons and record them all in 4k quality. Most people do think that drones are not used for carrying a heavy photographing camera. But the recent UAVs of the modern days have unlimited editions with cameras of action. And these strong drones are capable of lifting such heavyweight cameras that include many features.

The lifting feature allows you to capture all natural incredible aerial footage. Many professionals who belong to this field and even beginners quickly show interests on this heavy lifting quadcopter. You can get used to high-end photography and videography camera to capture all perfect images and most beautiful videos without any distraction. It is very important to note that these drones are not only limited to cameras but also that these powerful drones hold the capacity of lifting other heavy objects as they serve as big heavy lift drones. When these drones carry some heavyweights the battery charge goes very low as the weight, it holds increases. The particular flight time of 25-27 minutes range is standard for any consumer drone. For the most part, involved, the flight time will be cut to half percentage if you take up a large multicopter or a heavy payload UAV.

How much weight can a drone carry at most?

Heavy lift drones along with many numbers of applications are used for both the commercial and professional purpose.  Some of the areas where the drones are commonly used are professional photography, media coverage, and surveying of many construction sites. Many of the big shipping companies like Amazon and DHL have entered this idea of using the Heavy lift drones for safe delivery of their products.

The main advantage of using the drones with the latest applications is that it may be used for carrying a huge payload effortlessly. A payload is anything that is additional to drone. The payloads can be of anything like additional sensors, cameras with SLR facilities, or any packages for timely delivery. Heavy lift drones with very high weight capacity are preferred for specific modern applications such as LiDAR surveys, remote thermal scanning, or multispectral imaging.

As you imagine, weight is a critical factor for designing with the types of drones. Most of the hobby drones have a lightweight design that makes them easily portable, and they have less demanding powerful motors. These hobby drones consume less battery and flies for longer durations. It helps to extend the flight time of the drone as it is being equipped with more powerful motors.

Science behind payloads of drones

The heavy lift drones can carry exactly how much it was designed to carry. Hence it all comes down to a complex balance of power, weight, and size.

The capacity of the entire drone payload is determined by various other factors. Key factors are the motor power, the size of the propellers, the types of the battery being used, the whole weight of the drone frame and finally the number of propellers used. An important thumb rule is to keep in mind is that the propeller thrust should be double that of the total drone weight and the payload used. 50% allowance accounts for the wind effect, moisture present in the air, air pressure which can conspire to make all your heavy lift drones to increase its efficiency and helps to work harder.

With the bigger capacity, it meets the bigger lift requirement battery, which also adds weight to the drone. A heavy payload will also need to be strong enough to carry the material and double too. In most of the cases, it is much heavier compared to the standard lightweight construction drones.

Popular drones with its payload capacities

With the wide variety of drones available in the market, from tiny toy drones to the professional grade octocopters they have their payload capacities. If you like to load your drone with some additional equipment, then it’s very much worth to spend your time in analyzing its carrying capacity first.

The tiny Cheers On CX-10 is just about the size of a bottle lid, which is useful for all beginners in this emerging technology. With its small size, it can carry a measly 4 to 6 grams. The Syma X8 is another drone that is built large and quite popular. Surprising with its very low cost, the X8C has the whole capacity of carrying nearly 200 grams payload. This carrying capacity is sufficient to carry out the compact action camera.

The 3D Robotics X8+ has a powerful array of altogether eight motors specifically designed to carry heavy payloads. It is capable of carrying a payload up to 1 kilogram. And the frames are also highly capable for customization, allowing it to carry as a group or with some difficult type of payloads. Even with this heavyweight, the battery retains up to 15 minutes of flight time with 10,000 mAh battery.

The DJI S900 drones are one among the higher end drones of DJI and were also built with strong, powerful material to carry out with heavy payloads. This drone is a hexacopter that could boast a payload capacity of up to 3 kgs which is more than enough to carry a DSLR camera. Its frame is constructed with sturdy but has the lightweight carbon fiber in it. It comes with 16,000 mAh battery, the S900 which is capable of nearly 18 mins of fight time. The motors are equipped with centrifugal fans for minimum heat dissipation to prevent from overheating of machines.

These Heavy lift drones are considered as best carrying capacity drones, with eight motors that can lift up to 8 kilograms. It is made with carbon fiber and aluminum; the T-18 is incredibly strong, yet remains with very less weight. This particular drone was structured to fly far in height and along with the flight time of up to 20 minutes and a range of up to 2 miles.

Alta 8 from Freefly Systems drone is made especially for drone users. It cost more and has a 36-inch diameter with the wing-span and has eight motors that are very powerful when compared with the other.  Some of the unbelievable weight like 18 kgs can be lifted with this type of drone and comes out with the supporting sensors like accelerometers, barometers, and GPS.

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Best 10 Heavy Lift Drones

1  DJI AGRAS MG-1 Accurate Spraying

DJI Agras MG-1 Precision Spraying custom Drone

The heavy powerful propulsion system enables the agras to hold with 10kg of payloads that includes with pesticide and some of the fertilizers. The exact combination of power used and the speed means that an area of 4000 to 6000meter square can be covered in as little as 10 minutes, or 40 to 60 times faster than any other spraying system. The intelligent manual spraying system slightly adjusts to the flight speed that makes sure even spray is applied.  This way, the amount of pesticide or any fertilizers is precisely regulated to control pollution and exonomize operations.

The powerful propulsion system enables the agras to carry maximum up to 10kg payloads. It a has highly sealed body, and with an in-built centrifugal cooling system

By knowing the properties of liquid used, spray nozzles can be taken for energy efficiency to optimize atomization and the total amount of liquid being sprayed. With the new features, advanced flight controller gets integrated with the aircraft instantly and more precisely responds to the given input of your choice. Three major flight modes are available such as smart, manual and manual plus. This helps to record the current location and remembers with some past cp –ordinates.


2  DJI Spreading Wings S1000

DJI CP.SB.000129 Spreading Wings

DJI Spreading Wings has the capacity to carry heavy with stable and strong equipment. It has highly portable wings with folded arms. It has mainly equipped with features like a new power distribution system, Removable Upper Center Board, and park proof Plug.


3  DJI Matrice 600

Best DJI Matrice 600

These types of drones are designed with high features that mainly suites for filmmakers and for industrial applications. It has supportive multiple gimbals that includes Ronin-MX with A3 and Lightbridge built in. This type of matrice 600 has the range of high transmission with extended flight time. It has the professional high definition transmission with its powerful app control that helps to control and pas signals less than a second time. It supports for all SDK and Upgradeable with A3 PRO and D-RTK GNSS


4  DJI Spreading Wings S900

DJI Spreading Wings S900 Professional Hexacopter

This spreading version batches the S9000 airframe with A2 type flight controller giving options to choose Z15 Gimbals. With some of the lightweight materials such as a sturdy carbon fiber make flights more enjoyable experience with lasting longer.

With new and improved motors makes for a much more with the reliable flight. When you get plugged in, then the Spark proof plug helps to prevent from short circuiting.

Improved power distribution system ensures none of the cables will become loose during the flight. Better footage is created by the vibration reduction caused by strategically used dampers and thus helps to separate the mainframe with all its gimbal bracket.

The upper centerboard is made removable to allow easy access for installations with any flight controller power distribution system and also controls the main controller.


5  DJI Matrice 100

Splendid DJI Matrice 1000x527
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With the complete fligth, the platform helps to start flying quickly with the reliable flight that helps for stability. It is fully programmable with some customized and tailors the platform using DJI SDK. Develop a system for any purpose, and revolutionize the industries by utilizing all your knowledge and the required skill set for cutting-edge flight technology. These efficient motors will span up to 40 min of flight time and achieves hovering accurately within centimeters even without GPS. High precision stereo algorithm do provide with the positioning information even at high speeds over nearly any terrain.


6  DJI Spark Drone

Outstanding DJI Spark

DJI Spark drone is compact in size that includes signature technologies along with all other features that helps to seize with the moment whenever you feel inspired. This drone comes with a smart flight control system and a high quality camera that helps you enlarge your creative boundaries. Spark lifts off from your hand with your face recognition using Quick Launch With Face Aware. It is specially created with ease and quick shots hand gestures are used for taking up amazing aerial photos.


7  Autel Robotics Drone X-Star Premium

Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Drone

This type is sophisticated with ease to fly specifically designed for excellent aerial imagery. With the presence the of the 4K camera and its 3-axis gimbal that it can record ultra HD videos or capture 12-MP snaps with HD live view that can cover up to 1.2 miles. With the entire 10 channels controller makes you operate It very easily without hand functions to fulfill all the flight modes. Integrated image transmission helps you to control the direction of flying and flight param better any time. Leave heart alone quietly and far from noises. The amazing pictures satisfy everyone with the available high-quality camera and with the stable operating.



8  Yuneec Tornado H920

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Yuneec Tornado H920 seems to be an excellent machine with ability to capture amazing aerial images and videos. Tornado H920 uses six blades, so that referred as hexacopter. There is no doubt that Tornado’s appeal would compel buyers and professional cinematographers. The drone also has several other commercial applications including law enforcement, research, and rescue. People, who desire to get a cool camera platform, can opt for the Tornado. The 3-axis gimbals offer a broad spectrum of camera movements that provides you complete creative freedom. Within the click of a button, you can quickly capture 16MP photos or 4K video footage. The compact design and lightweight make you carry the drone with you. The retractable landing gear placed at the edge to have seamless takeoff as well as landing. Flying with Tornado H920 is quite easy, and therefore, anyone can enjoy it!


9  DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Rc Quadcopter

With the advanced positioning system makes it ease upto 24 satellite for the effortless flight. The Phantom 4 knows the exact position of you, and flies exactly as you tell it to. It has equipped with the most Professional-quality imaging Shoot with 4K video quality at 30fps, crisp slow motion with 1080p HD video up to 120fps and DNG RAW 12-megapixel photos for full editing creativity. A tap Track subjects are ready to fly out of the box Full manual remote camera control, long-range live feed from the camera. This type of drone helps you to fly safely with much confidence as it senses for obstacles.


10  DJI Mavic Pro

DJI presents brand new OcuSync transmission technology for pocket-sized remote controller inside the Mavic, with a range of 4.3mi (7km) and Full HD 1080p video streaming. Obstacles that are as far away as 15m can be seen in front using Flight Autonomy and it has the ability to fly up to 22mph (36kph) by avoiding the obstacles seen. Photos with high altitude. Everyone loves a good photo. The Mavic comes with the 12-megapixel camera with Adobe DNG RAW support which is ready to shoot or make your portfolio. Set your frame and take selfies with Gesture Mode with the huge environment behind you. With the Mavic above pointing at you, all it requires is just a dazzling pose to take a snap. An all-new transmission system computing 24 high-performance cores with a 7Km range, 4 vision sensors, and a 4K camera stabilized by a 3-axis mechanical gimbal, is at your command with just a push of your thumb or a tap of your finger.


Final take

With a proper knowledge, drone set-ups can be very well customized according to your payload requirements. Motors and batteries can be upgraded. There are number solutions available in the market for the requirements of payload capacity that are solved by adding more motors, like the hexacopter and octocopter drones. With the help of multiple rotors stability of the drone is controlled and helps the onboard technology to be safe and act as a failsafe in the event that a motor stops working.

Heavy lift drones are generally controlled by four pitch fan blades that are fixed and spins at varying speeds that controls the flight. To manipulate a drone, either single or couple of blades has to adjust its rotation speed. A simple mechanical propeller is attached to each drone blade of an engine. The main rotor blade of an RC helicopter requires complex mechanisms to manipulate. This difference makes these drones much easier to produce, more reliable, and less costly.

The Heavy Lift Drones That Can Carry Weights made our top 10 list for 2018 and rated highly among the drone flying community.