Friday, May 3, 2019
sharp image drone

Incredible Way to Shape Future Ahead With Drone Training Courses

Before starting a brief topping on drones and its courses, let's do a mental recap on what a drone actually is and how its general structure is and where its uses...
Mavic Air Vs Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Air Vs Mavic Pro: Which You Must Buy?

The Mavic Air is the latest drone officially announced by DJI. This 4K-ready travel-friendly drone is designed to capture the attention of others in the consumer space due to its portable...
Hollywood film drone

3 Hollywood Films That Have Benefited From Drone Technology in 2019

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved the use of drones in filmmaking in 2014. Since then, more and more production crews have been using the technology to revolutionize the cinematic experience....
Agricultural Drones

What Can Agricultural Drones Do

For the past five or six years, agricultural drones have changed how farmers and other agricultural entities go about agribusiness. They have brought tremendous change to crop monitoring, storm damage assessment,...
Water Proof Drone

How to Waterproof a Drone

Most drones are built to fly on land and when you have to fly near a large mass of water, you have to be cautious and try not to land it...
waterproof drone

Water Proof Drone How to Electronics

Most drones today are built for flying over land and not on water. While you might think it a fun idea to fly it over the water in your next vacation,...
Waterproof Drone

What are Water Drones Used for

Drones have been applied in many sectors from the military, to agriculture among other commercial uses, as well as recreational purposes. The application of drones in the water sector has come...
Waterproof Drone

What Do I Need to Build My Own Waterproof Drone

Waterproof drones are expensive and you have to part with over $1,000 to make a purchase. If you are reading this article, then you are at pains with parting with your...
FPV Goggles

How Do FPV Googles Work

First person view has become one of the common terms thrown around in UAV circles. FPV has revolutionized how we view the footage from a drone flying high above. A camera...
FPV Goggles

How to Choose FPV Goggles

Since drone were adapted for recreational use a few years ago, drone manufacturers have been on a race to outdo each other by ensuring that their drone kits are the best....


The Ultimate Guide to Drone Insurance

Getting drone insurance is an intelligent move if you are planning to conduct a business. If you are making money with your unmanned aerial...
Hubson X4

Hubsan X4 H107D FPV Review