DJI Matrice 200 Review: Best Camera Drone for Professionals

DJI Matrice 200 Review: Best Camera Drone for Professionals

Meta Description: The DJI Matrice 200 is the indeed the mark of excellence and the best camera drone for professionals ever. Read this review and find out why this drone should be on your Wishlist.

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Over the years, the world has witnessed a tremendous change in aerial photography. With the invention of drones, it has made photography more exciting and innovative for a flying experience. DJI has taken advantage of the cutting-edge technology in engineering the DJI Matrice 200. A comprehensive DJI Matrice 200 review will help you understand this drone better.

The DJI Matrice 200, a quadcopter is not only designed for aerial photography but also developed to support commercial involvements that include inspections and collection of aerial data. The drone is hyper-intelligent and ensures that safety is maintained, something that most drones lack.

The commercial drone is resistant to weather and ensures heavy payloads with excellent flying experience. DJI has a fantastic arsenal of drones that make aerial photography worth embarking for professionals and amateurs. However, the company has gone an extra mile in providing a drone that can do a lot of things for its users. Mapping, aerial data, research, search and rescue, and many more can be done with the DJI Matrice 200. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, M200 is designed to give you the perfect result for any embarkment.


outstanding DJI Matrice 200 Matrice 200 is built bigger than the Mavic Pro, but foldable to ensure that it is easy for travel. The drone has been designed to be assembled and disassembled within a short time in any environment.

It comes with 17” quad propellers to withstand any harsh terrain or condition. The chassis of the drone has the power to work comfortably on most conditions that many drones may not function properly.

DJI engineered the Matrice 200 with a gimbal mount to the only face upwards instead of directly perpendicular or downwards. The upward technology ensures that the drone can be easily maintained and inspected. When it comes to compatibility, the drone can sport the XT, Z30, X4S, and X5S.

The drone was not designed for professional videographers or photographers when it comes to its camera specifications. The M200’s SSD card is not designed into the airframe, and it cannot decompress any footage in 5.2k. The Lightbridge 2 technology makes video transmission easier and saves the user money from not getting an FPV system that is separated from the drone. The drone comes with Additional Features such as the FPV-dedicated-camera.

The M200 has two other versions; the M210 and the M210 RTK. These versions come with their customized designs. The benefit of using the Matrice 210 is that it can allow a better camera configuration and can make use of an upward, downward mounting or a gimbal mount. The gimbal mount makes use of two downward facing camera slots that are parallel.

The M210 can work with two functional cameras in addition to the FPV camera that is inbuilt. It has more ports and cargo space for optimization in the future. These particular features are going to be more useful when there is an upgrade for the Matrice 200. The M210 is the same as the M210 RTK, but the latter can run the Real Time Kinematic GPS positioning modules, that offer users a near perfect accuracy during flight. The drone is also compatible with the FPV goggles DJI that has been newly released.

System Specifications

top DJI Matrice 200 The Matrice 200 is designed with an integrated DJI AirSense or ADS-B receiver. The ADS-B is a GPS system that collects data in real time from any aerial traffic advisories. What this implies is that the Matrice 200 can collect data about a current environment in real time that is updated in aircrafts close to it.

The distance, speed, and altitude of the aircraft can be live-streamed. Today, drones are gradually becoming joined together in the aerial data network.

It is not surprising that the M200 has an obstacle avoidance unit. There are sensors on the bottom and the front of the drone that can detect objects that are close. The system can easily avoid obstacles when it is active. The hallmark of the M200 is that it has been engineered to be first of its type when it comes to synchronization.

The plethora of sensors that are inbuilt like the gimbal actuators, barometers, IMUs, GPS unit, integrated compass, etc. It also has external sensors that function to produce accurate, most reliant data and also ensure that the drone is stabilized in any heavy condition.

The M200 is the drone that had the IP43 classification first before other drones. The drone is also designed to flying in windy and rainy conditions. Two standard batteries are available for the M200. However, they do not work simultaneously. The drone system has been designed in such a way that it can swap one battery for the other. This process may look redundant, but they can transfer without stress.

Battery & Flight Time

Splendid DJI Matrice 200 Every user of a drone is after the flight and battery time. It is one of the most important features to be considered on a drone. DJI reveals that a user can enjoy up to 20 minutes of flight time without running down the payload. However, the drone can be in flight for about 40 minutes with upgraded batteries for its battery & time flight. The company also made use of autonomous features to make M200 better in its operations.

The M200 has the Active Tract that actively follows an object with the in-built FPV and picks data while flying. It features Point of Interest that automatically presses M200 to orbit an object or subject, collect data and information and also target a subject in the process. The Active Track and Point of Interest are useful when it comes to search and rescue procedures. The drone can quickly follow a subject in the target, while the rescuers’ action and sharing of incoming data are required.

The drone features a spotlight that locks the camera onto a user’s target and makes sure that it can move around with ease. This process is like an inverse of what we have mentioned above as a pilot can make use of the FPV camera when it comes to flying the M200. During this process, the camera that is used for the processing can remain fixed on the subject that is targeted no matter where the drone is flying. The drone comes with a tripod that allows the drone to fine-tune any angle or position through challenging environment for safer navigation.

Drone’s Controls & Software

remarkable DJI Matrice 200 We are aware of the DJI Go application that is incorporated in the M200. There is also a new app – DJI Pilot that will be used for enterprise pilots. Also, there is an application that is separated that allows for any preset data that needs to be used before an operation. This separate application means that 3D mapping routes, pre-calibrated flight, waypoint tracking, pre-planned flights, geofencing stats can be a reality when it comes to the M200. Interestingly, the DJI GO 4 application can be used in customizing and flying the drone.

The M200 has a dual-operator control unit that is designed to make the drone very versatile if two pilots want to fly the drone. We have revealed that the FPV system is compatible with the DJI FPV goggles. The FPV system that is inbuilt in the drone can transmit data through its Lightbridge 2 technology and can support the drone controller with the Inspire 2.

The DJI Matrice 200 Review will make you understand that the M200 is one of the drones on earth with a sophisticated, calibrated, flexible, reliant and data fluent controlled system that has been designed in the last couple of years. DJI has been trying to create a state of the art drone that can save lives with its application and M200 came to the big picture.

Benefits of DJI M200

It is no longer a secret that drones have become an integral part of the industrial users and enterprise toolkit who rely on collecting aerial data. M200 has been introduced with In-depth View features and holistic solutions that are specifically designed for any user. The company is a revolutionizing firm that has a professional workflow that ensures that its drones are second to none when it comes to search and rescue procedures. The world awaits this newly built drone to take over the aerial photography. The DJI Matrice 200 review cannot be complete without mentioning the features that are rare in the drone world. The cost is worth its functionalities which is the reason why the hype to get M200 is much. To sum up, thinking of a state of the art drone, the M200 can be your first line of selection. It is flashy, easily to mantle and dismantle, powerfully engineered to withstand harsh conditions and have some of the best features:

  • The drone can fly up to 15,000 feet and at the speed of 50mph.
  • It uses the Inspire 2 intelligence which is restructured and optimized.
  • It makes use of a dual-frequency control unit called DJI AirSense and also the 1080p Lightbridge FPV live-stream.
  • Its battery & flight time is up to 40 minutes.
  • It has an IP43 classification.
  • It is integrated with a failsafe technology.
  • The drone can perfectly target a subject.
  • It can work in any harsh environment without difficulty.

Applications of the Drone

Here, we have carefully listed some of the applications of the M200 for you:

Energy Facility Inspections

incredible DJI Matrice 200 DJI Matrice 200 review will tell you that the manned maintenance of any energy facility can be expensive and time-consuming. This is what the extensive power line networks of M200 is designed to achieve. The inspection can be done from any angle and can be applied during an inspection of offshore oil rigs, wind turbines, and vertical infrastructure.

Construction Site Mapping

It does not matter the type of terrain or weather condition; the M200 can be used for commercial mapping with little manpower and time to spare.

Disaster Management system

It is essential that the safety of the people is maintained when it comes to aerial functions. We know that first responder often relies on efficiency, reliability, and haste. The ability of the M200 can significantly support natural disaster workers, search and rescue parties and also reduces the challenges that may put workers at risk. With the support of the M200, there is an efficient and safer approach to collecting information or data and also getting the first look when a situation arises.

Critical Infrastructure Inspections

brilliant DJI Matrice 200 M200 has drastically reduced the challenges faced with essential infrastructures that are at risk. To inspect these huge infrastructures requires time and money. Sometimes, it is challenging to embark on such task. This is the reason why M200 can be used in doing such task. It is safer, cheaper and efficient in carrying out this project. The M200 can locate the smallest faults in bridges, roads, and buildings in real time.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Drone

Before you think of getting a drone, there are things that you need to consider. We have listed five critical things to watch out for if you are buying a drone the first time. M200 is one of the best drones that are on the market. However, some Similar Models have the same features like what we have highlighted below.

Drone Range

The range of a drone is what will tell you the extent of your flight before losing control. For professionals, this is an important feature that will ensure that the drone is always in sight no matter how far it has strayed.

Flight Time

The amount of time that a drone can take on a single charge during a flight is called the flight time. Some things determine the flight time of drone. The following are some of these factors; flying maneuvers, weight, and the battery size play roles in the flight time. M200 has up to 40 minutes unlike some drones with less than 20 minutes during flight. Some similar models are cheaper and have an average of 8 minutes during flight.

Skill Level

unexceptionable DJI Matrice 200 The Skill level is an important feature that you should consider before you can make a purchase. A drone that is beyond a user’s skill level can be a waste of money and also prone to crashing during usage. If the M200 is beyond your level, you need to horn your skills with a cheaper version before you can go for the quadcopter. This way you will save a lot of money and won’t break your drone for lack of knowledge. The more skillful you are, the easier drones become to you.

Headless mode

Beginners may find it tricky to fly M200 or any other similar model. With a headless mode, you can take advantage of the controller stick. The direction of the drone is correctly handled by this mode that is simple to control.

Drones GPS Sensors

The GPS sensors are essential to drone buying guide. With the GPS sensors, a user can easily fly the drone without crashing. When the drone is automatically programmed with its GPS sensors, you can relax and watch the drone move to the targeted subject with a push of the button.

Obstacle avoidance

To avoid crashing into an obstacle during flight, it is essential that a drone has obstacle avoidance. This is a premium feature that can be expensive, but it is worth it. The feature works handy with the follow me mode.

Camera Specs

fabulous DJI Matrice 200 The camera specification is essential. However, for the M200, it is designed to be different for professional videographers and photographers. If you are a photographer, you may need to think of good camera specs for your drone. The research for a simpler drone that will suit that purpose can take some time, but it’s a rewarding job.


A drone’s transmitter or controller is one of the features that you need to consider before making your choice. The controller of a drone may come in the form of analog sticks. The frequency of the transmitters is also essential to consider in a drone.


For too long, there has been a clamor for a drone that will change the way aerial photography is used. Flight hobbyists have waited for a toy that can take over the industry and DJI has come out with M200. Everyone wants a piece of M200, from photographers, filmmakers to event managers in capturing some of the artistic shots. M200 has been referred to as a complex drone that has been designed for enterprise solutions according to DJI. The drone takes advantage of the Inspire 2 technology in handling aerial photography with an advanced flight system. The M200 system is designed to be the first of its kind among the DJI drones. It is the most reliable, safe and optimized that DJI has ever designed.

As per our review, the Matrice 200 is genuinely best camera drone for professionals. What’s your call on this? Put your thoughts in the comments!