Monday, June 24, 2019
Best wedding drone

Everything You Need to Know About the Drone for Photography at Your Wedding

Drones are slowly becoming a necessary wedding photograph accessory. The spectacular bird’s eye view of the world can be not only breathtaking but also provide the best balance of light and...
Fixed Wing Drone

Fixed Wing Drone – How It Works

There is increased need for mapping and survey work, and while small aircrafts and helicopters can do the job, they are too expensive to work effectively. Drones have come in to...
Water Proof Drone

How to Waterproof a Drone

Most drones are built to fly on land and when you have to fly near a large mass of water, you have to be cautious and try not to land it...


Top 8 Drones with the Longest Control Range

Drones are one of the trending topics in the world of technology at the present moment. It is also a commonly observed fact that...
fish with drones

How to Fish with Drones