10 Best Drones for Monitoring Rising Environmental Concerns  

10 Best Drones for Monitoring Rising Environmental Concerns  

Over time, the dangerous environmental concerns have been in the significant rise owing to the man-made activities. People have been taking all the necessary steps to curb down the man-made activities. Nonetheless, it really becomes tough to keep a check on the rising environmental concerns from the top. As a result, to increase the efficiency for the people, Unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs have been introduced. These are known as drones. The drones have proved to be convenient for capturing the whole of aerial geological position.

The drones capture the best image quality due to the use of UAV technology. Nonetheless, it often becomes tough to map and survey using the drone if you aren’t expert. It is necessary that you purchase convenient drones that help you to fly and operate it easily. Drones are no less than magic. Not only drones allow to click normal pictures but also have been helpful for disaster management, environmental control and so much more. However, compared to the normal drones, the drones used for environmental management usually charge higher. But, do not get lured by the price of the drone, you need to be considerate about the features too.

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Top 10 Drones Used for Environmental Conservation

1  M5 MoVI by Freefly Systems

M5 MoVI by Freefly Systems


When you are to determine the use of drones for environmental conservation, this drone would just be a perfect choice.  This drone is not only accessible but also has the stabilization feature. It is simple and convenient to use. It comes with easy instruction that can allow to be easily set up. It can be balanced over different stabilizers thereby allowing you to capture goof quality images. Since it has carbon rods, balancing the drone can be easy.


  • It offers a lot of solutions proving to be useful for all the environment enthusiasts.
  • It will help you to capture the best-quality image with the right aerial view.
  • This drone has industry-leading stabilization technology.
  • The drone has technology that can be supportive enough to capture images.
  • It works perfectly fine with the phones.


  • The battery of this drone won’t last long. Charging the batteries is a risk since it may catch fire
  • The drone isn’t pretty reliable since it gets heated and shuts off easily.

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2  Hubsan X4

Hubsan X4


Hubsan X4 Brushless FPV Quad happens to be one of the best drones used for the environmental conservation. This drone is compact, small and very fast. Also, the drone happens to be very affordable and can be flown outdoors and indoors. It has a red LED light which makes it possible for you to track it in case of darkness. It comes with two headlights too.


  • It has a radius of 300m and can be flown outdoor as well as indoors.
  • The drone allows capturing black and white images.
  • It has the FPV transmitter which allows to work it through the remote controller.
  • The quality of the camera is exceptional as it allows to capture the 1080 HD camera.
  • It has A and B propellers.
  • The propellers have the automatic return function, which can ensure the GPS enable feature. Thus, in case if the connection fails, the drone would return safely.


  • The radius for the drone is actually small.
  • The battery life of this drone is a major concern since it may die out really soon.

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3  DJI Phantom 4 Pro

DJI Phantom 4 Pro


The Phantom series by DJI bis often referred to as  iPhones of drones. The Phantom 4 Pro is one of those famous drones. Compared to the Phantom 4, the pro series observed significant changes in designs, internal components as well as functionality. Also, due to the upgrade, the drone became  quite popular. The 20 MP gimbal-stabilized camera makes it easy to capture high-quality images.


  • It has redundant sensors, the drone camera can actually capture images from all the four directions.
  • This drone lasts for a long period of time for about 30 minutes which is commendable compared to others.
  • Also, comparatively it can come a range of 4.3 miles thereby allowing you to capture the image of long distance.
  • The speed of the drone also matters which in this case happens to be 45mph in the Sports mode.


  • The drone camera is a little expensive.
  • If you’re new to it, you may have a tough time flying it.
  • The camera for DJI Phantom 4 Pro ensures filming in the 4K quality and has the feature of object tracking.



4  DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4


DJI came to raise it’s bar when they added the computer vision and autonomous features in it’s Phantom 4. This drone can easily allow you to click pictures and can allow the amateurs to control it too. If you’re a professional looking forward to get complex shots, then this drone is just the right option for you.


  • It has the auto-takeoff GPS technology with the auto-home return feature which is one of the essential features required in the use of drones for environmental conservation.
  • The broad lens of the drone camera can enable you to capture high-quality images in the ultra 4K HD resolution.
  • The 12 MP camera works with the resolution of 4000 X 3000.
  • Also, it enhances and lets you capture the smooth and clear images even when the drone is flying.
  • Moreover, the drone has an inbuilt video editor that lets you add text as well as music.


  • The drone may not last for a long time in case of emergency.
  • If you’re capturing the image from a large distance it will become tough to get the clear images。

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5  Yuneec H Pro

Yuneec H Pro


Yuneec H gave a competition to DJI’s Phantom 4 by introducing it’s H pro series. It has 6 rotor retractable landing gear which is an absolute favorite among people. Also, as far as the features are concerned, the drone is a very affordable one. The files stored by it can easily function smoothly. This happens to be another convenient use of drones for environmental conservation.


  • It also allows using the CGO3+ camera dependably.
  • Moreover, due to the presence of the sonar sensor, the collision can be easily avoided using this drone.
  • Due to the sensor, the drone ensures to have a safe flight.
  • It has five rotor flight which can enable the landing to be safe even when the motor fails.
  • The drone can last for a long time and can cover a lot of distance, thereby allowing you the option to explore and cover more distance.
  • It has an expandable memory system which will enable to store images.


  • Whenever you are ordering the Yuneec H Pro, it is better to check with the ordering.
  • You may receive any damaged product which will prevent you from getting the right camera.
  • Nonetheless, apart from being functional, the Yuneec H Pro is pretty attractive to look at compared to the Q500.


6  DJI Phantom 4 Pro- Version 2.0

DJI Phantom 4 Pro- Version 2.0


Undoubtedly, this happens to be one the best introduction of the technology. It is very much upgraded and better than that of Phantom 5. Phantom 5 allows easy zoom technology but the drone machine happens to be one great. What captures the attention of the people is 1-inch CMOS Sensor and the 11.6 stops of dynamic range. Compared to the V1 version, this version is far better and comes with radio improvements. If you’re looking forward to avoid troubles, this is the best for you.


  • It allows the images and videos to be recorded at a higher speed.
  • Compared to the normal ones, version 2 actually captures the videos at 100Mbps while it can capture the 4K videos at 60fps.
  • If you’re considering to use the drone to capture the stills in the darker area, you will be able to get high-quality brighter images.
  • The camera sensors for this drone is actually better than that of the mavics.
  • It has the 4 stop EV adjustment feature which makes the editing great without losing the original quality of the image.
  • It has a 5.5-inch screen which ensures that iPhone users can control it from their mobiles.


  • It is tough to set up the design of the propellers due to the missing guideline in the instruction mannual.
  • The drone covers only 5km.
  • It has issues with being completely cash proof.


7  Autel Robotics EVO Foldable Quadcopter

Autel Robotics EVO Foldable Quadcopter


This foldable drone happens to be the best you can get. Moreover, over the time many have preferred purchasing this over the DJI Mavic Pro. This drone is not only suitable for photography but also cinematography. These portable drones have the capacity of 4K camera and an extremely attractive appearance. It is pretty affordable price and definitely giving a tough competition to DJI over the time.


  • Initially, it may appear that both the drones are similar to each other because both have intelligent flight mode and obstacle avoidance.
  • Considerably, the autel robotics drone can come up to 4.2miles, and the battery can last for 30 minutes.
  • The 3.3-inch screen has OLED which can ensure you catch the live video atv730p without the use of the remote controller.
  • The drone moves at a speed of 20 meters per second which means it will cover the distance of 44 miles per hour.
  • The stable camera can help to record the video at 4K/60p while DJI covers it at 4K/30p.


  • The climb rate for the drone is pretty slow.
  • It may not be able to fly for 30 minutes.


8  Qew Msg Poseidon Waterproof RC Drone

Qewmsg IDEAFLY Poseidon-480 Brushless 5.8G FPV 700TVL Camera GPS Quadcopter


If you want a strong drone with compatible design, then Week Msg Poseidon is the perfect drone. Also, it is waterfproof thereby allowing you to get image and video in the water condition. It allows easier flight and can be connected using Bluetooth. What is great is that the drone may cover a distance of 1.5km. It has extremely beneficial features that can allow you to cover significant images and videos.


  • The DJI OSD feature of the drone enables you to capture distance for a long distance.
  • Also, it can work at any location.
  • Moreover, the drone is waterproof; thus it can work efficiently in the flooded areas.
  • It supports the wind resistance feature which can be taken up to level 5.
  • The battery lasts for about 15 minutes and cover the distance of 800m.
  • As far as load is concerned, the drone can support 1200 gram and works supporting the 3-axis gimbal and sports camera.
  • The camera supports the 7inch monitoring screen which helps to have a clear view of the area.


  • The battery backup for the drone isn’t strong.
  • The distance coverage of 300m is pretty less.


9  DJI Zenmuse X7

DJI Zenmuse X7


This robust aerial cinema camera system allows you to capture high quality images and videos. However, what is degrading is that it is pretty expensive. It requires many components to be attached to it which adds up to the overall cost. It has 6K RAW camera under the support of four lenses which proves to be an amazing drone. If you’re recording it in microSD, you will be able to capture videos and images for H.264 and H.265. All these features contribute towards making the drone a compatible one.


  • The DJI Zenmuse X7 has the compact 35 super camera which has an integrated gimbal feature.
  • This ensures the video is captured of high quality.
  • Also, the image that it can capture is of high-quality.
  • It is compatible with Inspire 2 and thus helps to capture the aerial cinematography and pictures effectively.
  • The dynamic range supports the 24MP CMOS sensor which can ensure 14 stops.
  • The video can be captured at 6K CinemaDNG and 5.2K Apple ProRes.
  • The drone allows capturing the RAW bursting shoot at 20 fps.
  • Moreover, it can help to cover the 24MP stills.
  • It also has the DL-Mount feature which enables you to capture the aerial lens view.
  • This can be done using the four available prime lenses quickly.


  • The price of the cameras are high.
  • The camera compatibility is low too.

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10  4K UHD Hexacopter Done by FlybyCopters

4K UHD Hexacopter Done by FlybyCopters


This drone is one great feature to get the stunning aerial film and images. No doubt, this image is allowed to be a stunning. It has high video camera resolution which allows the image to be greatly captured. Also, the video recording mode enables to capture the mode to overall area. The range of the drone quality varies and can be easily controlled.


  • This custom built drone allows you to take aerial photography at the 4K Ultra HD video.
  • It has brushless gimbal and telemetry feature. It is foldable and has the 7 inch LCD screen.
  • The battery is an 8000mah lipo battery which can enable the drone to last for a long time.
  • The drone has the in-built follow me mode.
  • It has the 3DR radio feature that you can use to ensure the follow me function.
  • The camera ensures to take the high-resolution videos as well as images.
  • It can take up the DSLR size camera and gimbal which cannot be included.


  • You may find it tough to configure and fix up the parts.
  • The flight of 25minutes may become difficult to achieve if not handled carefully.

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4 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Drone for Monitoring Environment

  • Battery life

When choosing a drone to monitor the environment, make a right move and purchase a drone that has high battery life. Some of the drones may not even survive for 30 minutes. You can choose to carry one extra battery, but definitely, in this case, you will be spending on the overall price. Thus, it is suggested to be very considerate about the battery life while choosing drones for examining environmental concerns.

  • Camera

Check for the camera quality. Since you will use a drone in environmental conservation, you need to choose a high-quality camera. Make sure to choose the digital camera.

  • Global Positioning System

You need to check how the drone can be positioned in the proper manner to ensure the global view.

  • Intelligent mapping will include thermal sensors

The drone must have thermal sensors so as to keep a check and map out the area easily where any environmental danger takes place.

How to Determine the Use of Drones in Environmental Conservation?

The updated technology has proven to be beneficial for drones. The use of drones in environmental conservation is the following

Drone for Monitoring Environment

  • Beneficial for farmers

The drones have been pretty beneficial for reducing costs and increased resilience. They can help the farmers to keep a check on the field and determine how the crops have been doing. They can also help in fertilization and irrigation. Many drones have also proven to be useful in planting and nutrient dispersion. Therefore, drones have been helpful for growing crops easily thereby having less impact on the environment.

  • Manage water during drought

Drones help in improving the water management capacity. These have been useful in the western countries. The thermal cameras set up on the drones help to determine the leaks from the reservoir and also the water distribution systems. Drones have been beneficial for the urban as well as rural communities. Therefore, it helps to be prepared for the drought condition.

  • Check the ever-changing coasts

The drones have been used to offer high-resolution images regarding the coasts, vegetation and the landscapes in case of any damages. It not only protects the land loss but also determines the land again.

  • Wildlife movement and protect the key habitats

Drones are also efficient options for conserving the wildlife. The Conservation Drones have been useful for surveying wildlife and keeping a check on the monitor and map terrestrial. It also helps to determine the habitat conservation.

Final Thoughts for Drone Used in Environmental Conservation

It is necessary that the drone meets all the basic requirements for the use of drones in environmental conservation. Apart from these, the pilot should also clear the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). This test is pretty essential as it checks for the flyers and the authorities that have been concerned about maintaining the privacy and safety using the drones. The drones have proven to be effective in the disaster-prone areas too, thereby allowing not only to keep a check on the rising environmental concerns but also for disaster management.

Whenever you prefer to carry out the use of drones in environmental conservation, you should be very specific about it. It is necessary that you determine the battery life and the distance that will be covered by the drone. These drones have proven to be useful for the environmentalists that can be used by the good of the society. Whenever you purchase the drone, you should begin slowly and carefully. These drones can be a great deal for saving the environment. The drones can help to keep a check on collecting the necessary data. Mostly, the drones are utilised in the western countries to get control over the rising environmental concerns.